Question about ending (SPOILER!!!!!)?

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User Info: b864mer5

7 years ago#1
finally beat the game. In ending Stella says something like i truly want to become
,....a.. nail.
Any idea?? what is that???
also is grey gnarl still live??? in ending there is dragon shadow??
wowo the ending is pretty sad.losing all my godly power. T T
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User Info: hector74

7 years ago#2
This is guessing on my part. But I think the fairy fell in love with the hero. This is sort of like the raditional keeping your feelings hidden scene. This is proven by her objection of the hero eating the fygg. The hero will lose the ability to talk and see her anymore. The loss of it wold be just as bad to her. Since she would never be able to talk to, joke around or be with the person she cares about.

On the ending. I think that it was a complete loss for the hero. Not only did he never regain his powers but has to become mortal to save the world. The other celestrians mentioned that there was no more pathetic fate than having to become mortal. And the whole can not disobey your superiors rule could be solved easily without the fygg. Give Corvus a severe demotion for all the acts of treason he had commited, or give the hero a promotion higher than Corvus for all the extra good work he had to do. Then on the subject of the other celestrians the reward for doing their appointed labor was to return to the realm of the almighty. But no the reward was that they simply drop dead on the spot and become stars. Columbia said so, If a celestrian dies after fufilling his or her role that celestrian becomes a star.

In reality the only one who got any kind of reward was Celestria. She got her freedom from being a tree, and gets to go home to her daddy. Knowing this ending I think that there is no good ending in this game at all. Sorry if I sound to negative, but there is no good ending, happy ending, or even a fair ending. Nothing good comes from eating those fyggs...

User Info: ShadownheroJoe

7 years ago#3
What if the MC was female
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User Info: YangSiYuan

7 years ago#4
i don't think that's completely right, hector. i think superiority in this case is based on strength. corvus became much more powerful than any celestrians, strength-wise, due to his anger issues. apus major mentions something to that extent; therefore the only solution would be to become a mortal
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Give Corvus a severe demotion for all the acts of treason he had commited, or give the hero a promotion higher than Corvus for all the extra good work he had to do.

Who could have done this? Who actually has more power than Corvus and can issue this demotion or promotion? Apus Major, the strongest, highest ranked and oldest of the Celestrians points out the Corvus is more powerful than he, outright.

I also wonder where you got Stella's "love" for the hero. (Or heroine, as the case may be.) Considering her parting words are that she always wanted to be a ....nail ar..., who knows?

And while it was commonly pointed out by many of the Celestrians that being mortal would be terrible, it's implied several times that the hero/heroine in his/her youth does not share the sentiment.
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User Info: felixrush

7 years ago#6
Corvus had the highest rank and respect from all the Celestrians for centuries. Nobody topped his record or his strength in all those many years.

Hell, the main character didn't even stop him at the end, Serena did.
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User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#7
Actually it is more than that. Corvus becomes the Almighty.

Tell me someone who has the position that can demote the Almighty. Who is above the one who can create and destroy everything?
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User Info: Sid_Starkiller

7 years ago#8
Knowing this ending I think that there is no good ending in this game at all.

You don't consider THE WORLD NOT DISSOLVING INTO NOTHING to not be a good ending? Not everything is about you (you being the main character).
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User Info: hector74

7 years ago#9
Well again sorry to be negative, but I just believe that if themain character did all that work, and put his hide on the line he should very well receive something for it. If a celestrian does his job right, he gets a promotion. It is basic military promotion mentality. But Corvus he breaks the laws of his own people, attacks the observatory granted using a whole bunch of dead evil cretins but he attacks his own people, and top it all off he tries to off his and his entire species maker. Now I call those grounds for a demotion.

The main character gets what for all the hard work? You get to live as a mortal. That is it, I at the very least would think that a nice job, a significant other to share life with, a few kids and maybe just maybe a happy life would not be so much to give a person for saving the entire human race.
But no, you get to be mortal and nothing more.

The main character gets pretty much told, "You get to live a short life, with lot of disease, emotional trauma, bodily injury and a few natural disasters to look foward too, Not to mention that most of the people if you tell your life story will think that you are insane. So thanks for doing all of our work while we sat doing nothing at all." This is the reward...

User Info: Bladenyte

7 years ago#10
you'll find out stella's secret after more post-game dlc quests are released.. dont count on it being anytime soon. i belive the japanese are still getting new ones and we are only at our second week of them.
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