paladin pincoushion quest (Off the record)

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  3. paladin pincoushion quest (Off the record)

User Info: lightbringer14

7 years ago#1
I tried killing those infernal armors with pincushion but it only does 1 damage, so I changed to my armamentalist class (level 52) and then It wouldn't even damage them. I tried weakening them but it is quite difficult.

I need help with this quest how do I do it?

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User Info: DayTimeFrogger

7 years ago#2
Get lucky? Isn't that the weapon that has a chance of one shotting the monster?
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User Info: lightbringer14

7 years ago#3
no, pin cushion is a defensive ability that hurts an enemy if it touches you, but all the damage it does is low, how do I raise it?
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User Info: lawragatajar

7 years ago#4
Switch to a low defense class and/or take off your armor. Pincushion does damage based off of how much damage you took. If you don't take much damage, you aren't going to give much back.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

7 years ago#5
Create a new character just for this quest? If you have a lot of passive bonuses, most enemies can't hurt you regardless of level or equipment. A level 1 character will take more damage.

You can whittle away at the Infernal Armor's HP by using weak moves like a Minstrel's Hot Lick, or just whacking away with your healer's wand. I haven't bothered with this quest yet, but I figure the ideal setup would be a 2 man party- your main character as healer/whittler in back, and one new guy in front.
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User Info: Zorander

7 years ago#6
just put on the lowest defense equip for your paladin. hit them once and they should be down a lot of hit points. I actually did this quest when my paladin was able to one shot them with one hit so I downgraded his sword too. if you can deal 110 damage to them it's perfect. you'll just need to pin-cushion them about 3-5 times to finish them.
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User Info: Karsticles

7 years ago#7
I accomplished this through removing ALL of the armor from my Paladin. I would use Whistle->Pincushion until the enrage wore off, then repeat. It took a while, and I recommend weakening the armors first.

With no armor, I was taking 12 damage and dealing 3 per Pincushion hit. I think Pincushion might just deal 1/4 of the damage received in return, and that is why you are dealing no damage when you have so much armor on.
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  3. paladin pincoushion quest (Off the record)

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