Am I underleveled for Leviathan?

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User Info: kibamaru

7 years ago#1
My characters are all in the lvl15-16 range and I'm having trouble downing Leviathan for the 2nd Fygg fruit. Should I aim to lvl until 20 before defeating him? I have a feeling the rate of me leveling and the story progression is getting uneven. Sometimes I overpower monsters like crazy, others my Priest can barely keep up heals.

My team set up is:
Priest (Main)
Martial Artist

The lack of knowing what the bosses' level is and their remaining HP is really starting to be an inconvenience.

User Info: threetimes

7 years ago#2
I just did it with lead at level 19, a warrior at level 19, thief at level 15 and priest at level 12, (after the battle stats) and it was tough, with the priest was dead by the end of it. Wish I'd still got a mage for their spells and I really needed two people to heal. Buff helped a lot though cutting down the damage and it lasts quite a while. However if you load their inventories with healing items that should help, and make sure they all have the best equipment (you can find quite a few good items in that cave on the way.). Gaining a couple more levels won't hurt too.
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User Info: DamageInc

7 years ago#3
If you beat the previous boss, you should be OK on Leviathan. He attacks single targets most of the time, and only once per round. If your priest keeps Buffing while that's happening, he'll do hardly any damage.

I dunno if you've put 8 points in Warrior tree yet, but Whipping Boy on your priest also helps a lot.

Have a couple of medical herbs in each character's inventory in case you eat a Tidal Wave.

User Info: Karsticles

7 years ago#4
Looking at this, I would guess that your real problem is Tidal Wave. Having only one healer with no multiheal, you are having trouble coming back after he uses this (or spams it). Consider putting strong healing items in each character's inventory (HP +90). Whenever he uses Tidal Wave, have each character take care of him/herself.
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User Info: bobstevens23123

7 years ago#5
my lowest level was 20 but i didnt nor do i have nor will i ever get a preist
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User Info: MaggieTheKatt

7 years ago#6
My group was 15-16 when we took down Leviathan. It was a long fight but not too difficult. I had Bard (main), Thief, Warrior, Priest. My main concern was that my (wand-using) Priest almost ran out of MP.

A word of warning: He DOES have a single-target attack, but he also has a multi-target attack that hits everyone in the party for 20-30 damage. I would not go so far as to say that he uses the single-target attack more often, because when my husband and I fought him on my husband's game, he used the MT attack 75% of the time.

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