My Figs are Out of Order. HELP

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User Info: dieshinigato

7 years ago#1
OK, so I have collected all seven figs. Problem is, I got fig #7 BEFORE fig #6. Now the game thinks I am eternally stuck trying to get fig #7. I've gone back to Swinedimples, re-routed the dungeon, talked to everyone in the school, and I've even gone up to the Observatory where the big cheese guy exhorts me to obtain the final fig. What the heck??

User Info: me813

7 years ago#2
you sure you have 7? Did you miss the Zere Rocks one? Check in important items if there's 7

User Info: Tiael

7 years ago#3
I've done fyggs out of order too and didn't run into that problem..

Wonder why it's doing that.
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User Info: LightHawKnight

7 years ago#4
You dont, go back to the tree at the abbey and use the train.
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User Info: Dustin1280

7 years ago#5
You have all 7 fyggs right (check key items inventory)?

If you do, then go to alltrades abbey and visit the glowing tree next to it to continue the story.
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User Info: dieshinigato

7 years ago#6
Ohh thanks so much guys, it turns out I did skip the Zere Rocks Fygg. Doing the last two ones made me forget >.<

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