Treasure Map Dungeon Locations - COMPLETE!

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User Info: Zaraf

7 years ago#1
I created some treasure map dungeon location images for you guys to use. They are designed to meet GameFAQ's requirements, so that's why everything has been split up into multiple images.

Of course, there is the big one that is in Japanese, but i prefer the format that I've shown all of this in. Plus, there is NO way GameFAQs would ever accept the giant Japanese one :) lol

Having said that, GameFAQs is giving me some grief in accepting these images. You can see the topic about it here:

Anyway, so I've decided to post them here and hopefully we can soon get all of this BS resolved and they can put them up.

Enjoy! :)
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User Info: EZ1304

7 years ago#2
That is a bit cleaner, but I prefer the Japanese one just for the fact that it is all on one page and can be easily and quickly accessed because of that.

User Info: foveroula

7 years ago#3
Awesome, thanks

User Info: TheNoobKing

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: TheNoobKing

7 years ago#5

From: TheNoobKing | #004
Very nice! I like your better than the Japanese one, as said above, it's much cleaner.


User Info: vanek_pi

7 years ago#6
Its good, but couldn't you just make them smaller to help reduce file size?
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User Info: Temprus

7 years ago#7
That one guy in your contributor post obviously has no idea what DQIX even is. >_>;;
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User Info: ThaiUser

7 years ago#8
Nice. But I can't find the location of my map... It looks like on a small island with a single house symbol at the bottom... Need to check it again...

User Info: Dragovian1

7 years ago#9
Hmm...these are nice. I wish I had something helpful to say about your predicament though. Try asking them when you submit the files, why they won't accept JPEG, even though their TOS says they do. That's all I've got...sorry. These are good maps though.
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User Info: Proto0018

7 years ago#10
Thank you so much for this ^^

I was able to find most of the locations but there was a few that have been bugging me. As you my friend should get a shinny gold star for this work.
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