lvl 100 shield quest question (spoilers)

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  3. lvl 100 shield quest question (spoilers)

User Info: h1de

7 years ago#1
i got 100 shield skill and then i just started the swinedimples shield quest and... i only did one quest, the block 10 times and got my shield. are there any other quests? someone told me one reward is that you block all criticals.


User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#2
If you talk to the same guy, he'll give you the next quest. The thing is if you finish the earlier quest and then think you can talk to him because you meet the requirement for the next quest, it won't work because he'll only say the "contrats" thing for the quest you just completed, you have to walk out of the screen in a way that causes a fadeout (leave the room or the building) and come back in to get the new dialogue.

The next quest should be to use the shield skill that attacks while blocking to kill the robot enemies around Gittingham Palace.
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User Info: Biaz

7 years ago#3
1. leave area
2. enter again
3. get new quest
4. ???
5. Profit!
Name: Ascobol

User Info: h1de

7 years ago#4
lol im doing the quest right now and the machines can't even hit me, its hilarious

User Info: Drazonix

7 years ago#5

OH! My gladiator has level 100 guts, level 100 sword, and level 100 shield. With maximum power and countering defence, ITS INVINCIBLE! AHAAHAHA!!!!!!!!

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  3. lvl 100 shield quest question (spoilers)

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