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best weapon for ranger

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User Info: Xelest

7 years ago#1
anyone prefer one weapon type over another with a ranger?

Curently using sword (Uber Falcon Blade, with omnivocational) with mine, but was wondering if another type might be better for them?

User Info: HTMurgatroyd

7 years ago#2
My ranger does the boomerang thing, mainly because my sage (ex-armamentalist) was already doing the bow thing. Both are good weapons. Both have a variety of useful attacks. I haven't tried axes, but I hear nice things about their 50% crit ability (for metal slime hunting).
H. T. Murgatroyd

User Info: SoulEaterTed

7 years ago#3
I'm using my ranger with Bow and I'm loving it.
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User Info: Heisenbird

7 years ago#4
With the weapons available to them, axes. A must-have for metal grinding.
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