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Grotto Levels

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User Info: joek0

6 years ago#1
I have already put this on Terrence's sticky here it is again.

I just decoded the formula for the grotto levels. The formula tells you about the grotto itself, not the level of the grotto you earn by completing it yourself.

The formula has three variables. First, you need the monster rank of the initial floor(1-9). Second, you need the grotto boss number(1-12). Lastly, you need the number of floors not including the boss(2-16). Pop these numbers into the formula.

Lv = (monster rank + boss # + number of floors - 4) X 3

You take the number and add a random number from -5 to 5. This will tell you the level of that grotto. The grotto ranges can be from level 1-99.

Here is an example from one of my grottos.

Sapphire Tundra of Evil Lv88, 16F, Ice, C-S, Excalipurr. The formula is (9+10+16-4)X3=92. This means that this grotto has a level range of 87-97, which matches at level 88.

Here are the level ranges you can get at each quality level.

Quality 2- 55: 2-4 Floors, Rank 1-3 Monsters, Boss #1-#3,Lv 1-23
Quality 56- 60: 4-6 Floors, Rank 2-4 Monsters, Boss #1-#3,Lv 4-32
Quality 61- 75: 4-6 Floors, Rank 2-4 Monsters, Boss #2-#5,Lv7 -38
Quality 76- 80: 6-10 Floors, Rank 3-5 Monsters, Boss #2-#5,Lv 16-53
Quality 81-100: 6-10 Floors, Rank 3-5 Monsters, Boss #3-#7,Lv 19-59
Quality 101-120: 8-12 Floors, Rank 4-6 Monsters, Boss #4-#7,Lv 31-68
Quality 121-140: 10-14 Floors, Rank 4-6 Monsters, Boss #5-#9,Lv 40-80
Quality 141-160: 10-16 Floors, Rank 5-7 Monsters, Boss #6-#9,Lv 46-89
Quality 161-180: 10-16 Floors, Rank 5-7 Monsters, Boss #7-#10,Lv 49-92
Quality 181-200: 11-16 Floors, Rank 6-9 Monsters, Boss #8-#12,Lv 58-99
Quality 201-220: 12-16 Floors, Rank 8-9 Monsters, Boss #1-#12,Lv 46-99
Quality 221-248: 14-16 Floors, Rank 9 Monsters, Boss #1-#12,Lv 55-99

If you are trying to get a high level grotto, get a grotto with Platinum to Diamond prefixes, with Doom, Evil, Ruin, or Death suffixes, and an environment with many floors.

User Info: joek0

6 years ago#2

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