Do NOT use the Max Inn Level AR Code!

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User Info: Exorian

7 years ago#1
So I said in some other topics about my isolation problem, and how I'd get the brunt on the Inn Guests outfits because I surely won't find 30 different DS players here in my city with Dragon Quest IX, so I'd have to resort to the AR codes, right? I guess a fraction of the people here would do the same.

Thing is, I gone there, and I've regretted it! Was using the code found on GBATemp's for max inn level, as follows:

120FD764 000003E8
220FD768 0000001E
220FD76C 00000006
D2000000 00000000

Aside the intended effect... It corrupts the Guestboard option. When accessed, the game froze, and the save got erased due to malfunction! I backed up the save (yeah, the *ahem* "something else"), tried the code in many fashions, only to have the same result, not only on the Guestboard option. Alltrades Abbey would freeze at chance, so would entering some cities (Stornway remarkably) and dungeons.

In short, the code above is dangerous. Do not use it!
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User Info: SILKA

7 years ago#2
The use the All Equipment Code, it might lack some, but all Cameo is there.
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User Info: MV6000

7 years ago#3
In short dont use AR codes.
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User Info: bwahahahahaha

7 years ago#4
Cheaters never win.

User Info: FalxXD

7 years ago#5
^yes.. just say no to AR!
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User Info: azal852

7 years ago#6
AR codes in this game are very dangerous
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Are you surprised it corrupts the guest board?

You've flipped the "there have been 30 guests" flag without the game ever having those 30 guests. I'm guessing it has garbage in there to make it count, but this would cause some rather fatal glitches.

I believe the solution if you're using that code is "don't ever view the guest book. Period."
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User Info: ShaminoDINGUS

7 years ago#8
You can actually fix this with a second like two-line code that deletes all the fake/invisible guests from the guestbook when activated, leaving you with a maxed-out inn and an empty guestbook and as of 20 hours later a totally fine save file. In fact, my only technical problem so far was before I ever used that code; the first time I went to the Bowhole the game froze when I talked to the quest NPC right inside the door.

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#9
It corrupts the Guestboard option.

There's a code on the NDS site that works just fine. I used it. Gives me credit for having 1000 guests. I get everything unlocked, as well as the accolades that go with the high guest count.

No problems with the guestboard. I went to the GameStop event, and added 30+ more names to my list.

So, there isn't a problem with using AR codes, as long as you make sure you're using tested ones.
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User Info: ShaminoDINGUS

7 years ago#10
To wit, here's the code that you can activate via select to wipe your guestbook (thus removing the garbage guest data and fixing the freezes/errors related to the original max inn code).

94000130 FFFB0000
220FD768 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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