Skill Points for a Sage

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User Info: XombieVamp

7 years ago#1
Hello, I recently finished the Sage quest and switched from a Priest to a Sage. My priest had 62 Spear Skill, and 78 Faith, and now I'm wondering how I should invest my skill points as a sage..?

User Info: Ryupower

7 years ago#2
you can
get 100 in Faith so you get get the 100+ magic mend

100 in spellcraft (mage)

User Info: Elyon

7 years ago#3
Finish your Faith points, absolutely.

Get the 100 Englightenment.

Also, when you finish the Priest/Mage/Sage skillset, get Virtue (Paladin set) to 100 next.
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User Info: XombieVamp

7 years ago#4
Okay, thanks. As for attacking with a Sage, what skills points should I put that in?

User Info: ignasia7

7 years ago#5
Well, you can max out Faith, because Sage's have by far the worst overall battle stats, best MP of any class, and decent HP.

To really make a Sage shine, you kind of need to level both the Priest and Mage skill trees, and you definitely, absolutely want the Sage spell tree leveled.

Note that even without maxing Mage, you'll still get solid damage from spell casting, or you could just spam spear skills (demon spear is by far the best spear to use) if you max out spear. The main key here is healing. Sages are both the best and second best healers. Low healing stat, so you won't get much of a boost, but with Priest and Sage maxed, it's actually decent. You won't get omniheal, so you need those boosts to make Multiheal worthwhile. The second consideration is, at some point you'll want shield skills.

Sages have decent gear, but a subpar Resilience stat (higher than Mage though), though you do get a lot of magic/breath reduction equipment (which is better all around). However, the key factor for blocking attacks is...having a shield. Block % boosted by a lowly 6% from shield skills might seem like a little bit, but it accounts for a lot in the long-run. Some of the skills are also worthy, like a magic reflection skill that lasts a few rounds.

I would just max Faith for now, then maybe spear, then go for maxing Sage. If you love your spell casting, just level a few other classes in bowhole to snag mage skill levels to boost your magic damage. - Where the good games are remembered.
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User Info: FinalAtonement

7 years ago#6
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