Equipment Special effects

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User Info: xVashTS98x

6 years ago#101
First, check the Alchemy FAQ for your sword, and note its lowest tier sword, which I think is the Stardust Sword. Then, check the Beastiary to see who you get it from.

Then, search this board for Hoimi Table, and learn how it works. Another thing to search for is CHEST TIMER, which is by far easier.
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User Info: dratsab

6 years ago#102
Hello, palindromes
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User Info: ZeilShadowXZX

6 years ago#103
im sure this is off topic ( sorta ) but i have templar's tresses and his togs but i cant get his pants and his shoes and gloves if he has any

User Info: AchieveJunkie

6 years ago#104
I am gonna be the noob and ask...What is all this stuff and how do you make these? Is this Alchemey? I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of this game and I can't find any explinations. Any help please?
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So, nothing resists Earth-elemental damage?

Glad that it's so uncommon. As far as I know, only enemies with Crackerwhack can do Earth-elemental damage.
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User Info: EgoKiller801

5 years ago#108
GreatKiraLord posted...
it'd be better for people to just go to this site since it has pics and all

Awesome how this person rained on the dude's parade after he did all that. Real classy bro...

This is quite a nice stickly, many a typo, but who can blame you after all that. I'm sure I'll refer to this from time to time, thanks! (I know this is wayyyy late but whatever...)
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User Info: Mr_Popel

5 years ago#109
xVashTS98x posted...
What's better for my Sage/Priest: Celestria's Raiment, or Exotoga? And what classes would the extra piece go to?

Perhaps Celestrias Raiment ... sometimes those 25 HP 'make the difference', also looks way better imo.

User Info: Aswang1337

4 years ago#110
Thanks! That helped me with my weapon choices for my group!
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