Hoimi Table - Get 2% Rare Drop and Perform Alchemiracle at 100% Rate

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User Info: Muka

7 years ago#1
This is confirmed to work on the US version by hundreds of people. The original thread will hit 500 soon so here is Version 2 with some additions and changes.

ALL CREDITS GO TO JAPANESE GAMERS. I did not discover this. I only translated it.

How you do this:

1. Have a character really low on health.

2. Get to the boss floor of the treasure map boss, then use quick save.

3. After quick save, TURN OFF THE SYSTEM. This is a must.

4. Turn on the DS again, and then load the save.

5. Now you are in front of the boss again. Now go check your healer's stat and write down his Magical Mending stat. Go to the Hoimi Table calculator below and type it into the first blank then click the button next to it:

New, working link: http://www20.atpages.jp/dq9tools/hoimi.cgi

Original link (now appears to have been shut down): http://dq9.bex.jp/test/hoimi.cgi

For example, if your healer has a 200 Magical Mending, you will see the number 49 pop up below.

6. Now, proceed to use the basic heal spell on your character really low on health. Use a calcuator if you need, and write down how much HP he recovered by. Do this 6 times, and type in the 6 numbers in order on the hoimi calculator. Make sure your character's health is low enough so he does not recover his HP fully.

7. Now click the button at the bottom of the page to input the data.

8. This should bring you to the result page where you might see a few links with random numbers and the words JAVASCRIPT / CGI next to it.

9. Click on the link on the result page. If you do not see a link, you messed up on 1 of the previous steps or you are using a rom so the game did not reset properly.

10. Now you will see a Hoimi table. Right now, you are on the 6th square since you used heal 6 times. Your goal here is to find the next available Red square and get to the square **BEFORE** it. For example, if the next red square is square 18, that means you need to use Heal 11 more times to get to square 17. Note: when you Heal, the character does not actually need to be physically healed anymore. Even if you get the message "Hero does not need healing" or whatever, THAT IS STILL FINE. All you need to do is click on Heal. Multiheal (recover 100HP for all 4 members) will move you 4 squares so you can get to the red square quicker. Omniheal (priest move where you recover all HP of all 4 members) will move you 8 squares.

11. When you finally get to the square BEFORE the red square, exit the menu and go fight the boss. DO NOT USE Coupe de Grace in the fight if you happen to get one. That will move you to the next square and mess up the trick. You CAN do everything else during the fight INCLUDING HEAL, magic spells, weapon-specific moves, etc so feel free to fight like you normally would except the Coupe de Grace.

12. When you defeat the boss, you will get the 2% rare drop.

13. For Alchemiracle, follow the same exact steps and you can stop in front of either a RED or a BLUE square on the hoimi table. Once you are there, go to the alchemy pot directly and you will make an ultimate 5 star gear 100% of the time.

Youtube Demonstration:
English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiDAwt7n3eA
Japanese: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd8qi8PXaUU

Misc Notes from other posters:
- Note that if you want the common drop, you need to be two squares away instead.
- For step 6 where you have to heal 6 times and jot down the recovery amount, it's ok to perform the 6 heals on different people.
- Defeating a regular enemy will move your position on the Hoimi Table so beware of Shogum, who can summon regular enemies into the battle.

I tried to keep things as simple as possible. Here is the original 50 pages discussion:
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User Info: AllMetroids

7 years ago#2
i did this and my brother was like woah
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User Info: Muka

7 years ago#3

and lets request sticky on this one since it is confirmed to work fine and it should be mistake-free now
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User Info: Ace81892

7 years ago#4
Sticky requested. Thanks, I love the Hoimi Table. Takes a bit of practice, but it is well worth it.
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User Info: Salah1981

7 years ago#5
Just a note: You can heal multiple characters while doing the initial 6 heals. It doesn't all have to be on one character. Just make sure none of them would be fully healed by said heals otherwise you mess it up.

User Info: Muka

7 years ago#6
thats already mentioned in the Misc Notes part of the first post
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User Info: i_love_Glen

7 years ago#7
i have noticed that occasionally i have recieved no red squares on my grid. the 3 times i have followed through just to see what happened (that is to say, got myself to the square before the first blue square), i have recieved both of the boss's drops.

something tells me this isn't luck. what's up with that?

User Info: BowtotheTWIG

7 years ago#8
Theres also a method using herbs... anyone know how this works?
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User Info: Salah1981

7 years ago#9
Can always do an experiment and see if it counts as a heal spell. Go to 2 before a red square then use a medical herb. Otherwise it's nothing I've heard about.

User Info: Muka

7 years ago#10
the herb method is the outdated, inferior version of the hoimi table. basically u use 5 herbs in a row and theres a database similar to the Hoimi table that u match up and it will tell u when the herb will heal u at exactly 30 HP, which indicates a 2% chance.
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