Likes/Dislikes of DQIX

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User Info: DQMJ2FTW

7 years ago#1
I love how the game has alot to do, and you can never really have a 100% completion
I also like the whole concept of the game,gameplay and mechanics, kind of has an mmo feel to it , but is still pretty simple
I love all of the equipment, equip status and "fashion" effects
I dont like the little glitches like falcon blade falcon slash only slashing twice, but having four hits
I dont like the cameras limited range
I HATE how unbalanced the classes and equips are for postgame

Game is awesome, one of the best, if not the best games ive ever played, and i plan on playing it for a long time. i would love if DQX was just a big advancement of this with more classes and equips and post game things to do, a casino, and if they actually made all of the classes and equips more balanced so that theyre wasnt just one main way to go for post game.

User Info: Max58201

7 years ago#2
i like the class and party customization

hate how broken the classes are so customization goes out the roof

User Info: DQMJ2FTW

7 years ago#3
I think that they should get rid of falcon equipment in DQX, just unbalances things, or maybe add a falcon type for every type of weapon

User Info: Son_of_Mana

7 years ago#4
"one of the best, if not the best"

true dat.

Quite possibly the best game of all time? Most would disagree, but:

I love the beautiful and colorful characters, equipment, and world.
Iove being able to create my own characters and make'em look how I want them to (although I'm also a big fan of developed "real" characters that talk.
I hate "nothing".... No wait that's lie. The one obvious flaw that most would agree with, is the lack of real oine play instead of local wifi.
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User Info: paul_hubans

7 years ago#5
Likes/loves: Everything


- That (blue) chests don't appear on the map even after using Treasure Eye Land. TEL should be a passive skill that shows all chests on the map.

- That Nose for Treasure is completely useless in grottoes, where it would be the most useful.

- That you can't cooperatively uncover grotto maps.

- The quality of items found in blue chests, mainly in grottoes. Recommendation: A rare gold chest that randomly appears, contains a rare alchemy item or piece of equipment, and can be obtained by all players in game but is a one-time thing like red chests.

- The armamentalist class for its lack of attack and/or healing spells. It can't even be considered a red mage or magic knight because that would involve having at least a few attack or healing spells.

- That the unlockable classes aren't upgraded alternatives to the base classes.

- That some quests are incredibly annoying and/or difficult to complete yet their reward isn't worth the time. Suggestion: In the case of equipment rewards, allow the player to alchemize that piece to the ultimate equipment for that class.

Still, the game is almost perfect, so I'd rate it at about a 9.5.

User Info: NaughtyVicar

7 years ago#6
TC I agree with basically everything you said. I just want more, more, more. :-)

- I also wish there was an outside job system. For Example Class Thief / Job Assassin
- I Hate the fact that you create your party instead of meeting them. I would like it if both options were available.
- I also wish you can create your own monster farm. I didn't really care for fighting with my monsters but if I was a ranger, I wish I could train a monster to be my pet.

I hope DQX is big enough to carry side stories on the DS moving forward and advance to the Xbox360 and PS3 without ruining what has made the entire DQ line so awesome.

User Info: Kingkiel

7 years ago#7
The only thing I Dislike about this game is the fact that too many of us are so spread out to where it's next to impossible to get your 30+ tags.
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User Info: MonarchPaulos

7 years ago#8
Getting gold in this game is a pain, I do not like the EXP distribution system but I do LOVE that you can make your own characters ... even though they aren't a part of the storyline that's the trouble; only the Hero was part of the storyline with all the other storyline characters.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

7 years ago#9
-a unique story that makes every location memorable. As an added bonus, it doesn't shove generic anime personalities down your throat for your party members.
-a satisfying character customization mechanic. Every new piece of armor you buy and every new skill learned is its own little reward.
-a wide variety of jobs, abilities, and equipment gives the player plenty of options. There's really no way to build a wrong team in this game. (Though some are more efficient than others. )
-The postgame lasts as long as you want it to.
-Legacy Bosses are as difficult as you want them to be.
-No more random encounters!

-Overreliance on luck in the postgame. The ultimate equipment isn't awarded to you based on skill, but on how long you're willing to grind for a 1% chest or a 2% drop. (Or rather, your willingness to use a cumbersome procedure for exploiting the RNG. ) And even with the best gear, you have to hope the boss doesn't melee the same person twice.
-Poorly implemented side quests. Most of them involve vague descriptions that make you not only do monotonous tasks, but make you waste 15 minutes before you realize you did them wrong and that it didn't count.
-Counterintuitive dungeon generator- "We're not letting you fight a new boss until you're overleveled for him."

All in all, the main game is quite strong. However, your mileage will vary in the postgame. But, even if you opt out of all the Legacy Bosses, grottos, and bonus quests, you still get an enjoyable full-size RPG.
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User Info: Shadowstar108

7 years ago#10
I'm kinda underwhelmed by the Armamentalist Class, but some of the spells are useful. I can see my Hero using Kasap a good bit. If I give him the Paladin Scroll, maybe he could be an effective sword/magician combo.
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