The only way to get Orichalcum?

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User Info: Linkmn214

7 years ago#1
Are the two slimes and Greygnarl the only way to get more Orichalcum, I used my only two on the Erdrick's sword and shield

User Info: GrandNeo

7 years ago#2
chance in rank 9 I believe grotto chests as well.

User Info: Darkon

7 years ago#3
They can be in high level grotto chests or bought with 15 mini medals if you got all the mini medal rewards.
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User Info: Linkmn214

7 years ago#4
Oh, heh I got a long way to go now.

User Info: jkeplinger

7 years ago#5
After you turn in 80 mini medals you can buy a from a list and the ore is 15. They drop from, my experiences so far, King Metal Slimes and Gem Slimes. Also they are possible contents of rank 9 and 10 chests in grottoes.

User Info: Karsticles

7 years ago#6
1) Chests
2) Slimes
3) Mini Medals

All said and done, you will end up with plenty if you keep playing the post-game.
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User Info: naqwix

7 years ago#7
You also get one every time you kill a Legacy Boss.

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#8
You also get one every time you kill a Legacy Boss.

A mini-medal, not orichalcum. :p
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User Info: Ace81892

7 years ago#9
Yeah, I used to have a problem with Orichalcum. Now I have 56 mini-medals in my inventory. Just play through grottos and you will get them no problem.
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User Info: FranckKnight

7 years ago#10
It's a drop from Metal Slime Kings too, but probably the rare one. You'll possibly get a few just farming them if you find a good grotto level for them.
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