Sacrosanct or Catoptric Armor?

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User Info: dshuster

7 years ago#1
Which one is better?

User Info: Richter1234

7 years ago#2
Catoptric is more defense and has a decent chance to reflect spell damage.

User Info: paul_hubans

7 years ago#3
I made both and I'm always tempted to go with the Catoptric, but I like the healing effect of the Sacrosanct enough to keep it.

User Info: TheDervish

7 years ago#4
Does Catoptric armor ever reflect or mitigate healing effects?

User Info: Rai_of_Winds

7 years ago#5
Seems like they changed the function of Bounce/Mirror Armour for DQ9.

In the past? Yeah. Would reflect beneficial spells... but not in this game :p
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User Info: Casis

7 years ago#6
Anyone knows the chances the catoptric/mirror armor has to reflect spells?

User Info: Daath_Lenoir

7 years ago#7
Mirror armor for Forbearance. Sacrosanct for damage dealers.

User Info: Soul_Decay

7 years ago#8
Neither, they are both Ugly :D
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User Info: Karsticles

7 years ago#9
Unless you plan on using Magic Mirror and/or Forbearance, Catoptric Armor is the clear winner. The 25 healing per round from Sacrosanct armor is entirely unnecessary. Either you are taking too much damage for it to make a difference, or you are taking so little it is insignificant.
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User Info: nanaka777us

7 years ago#10
OR you can equip a Life Bracer and the Catoptric Armor if you still want the 25 hp heal per round (if you don't use another accessory.)

Please note that Sacrosanct Armor and Life Bracer healing effects -Do Not- stack with each other, you'll only heal up to 25 per round max, even with both on.

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