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User Info: BowtotheTWIG

6 years ago#1
Per request from the unofficial meetup, here are some links I found extremely useful for post-game:

Treasure map searcher: Very easy way to look up grotto locations. Thanks to Ikalos for site, and Zaraf for the maps.

Site that gives you info on your grotto map before you actually do it:
Gives you a map of the grotto, # of chests, chest locations, monster rank, and boss.
Google translate:

For the location code for the above link, use this link:

Other than that, fill in the level, mineral, layout, and adjective, and it will pop out all the info.

Other links I found very useful were Hoimi table, the stickies, and the Bestiary and Alchemy FAQs, though posting those links would be redundant.

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User Info: XJessicaRabbitX

6 years ago#2
Aha :D
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User Info: yab

6 years ago#3
there's also the site that will make a chest timer for any map:

User Info: blackweasel30

6 years ago#4
Thank you TC.
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User Info: MusuoJoe

6 years ago#5
Can you actually go to those spots and find a map? Kinda new to the map thing, thanx in advance..
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User Info: Realforce

6 years ago#6

User Info: Blaeu

6 years ago#7
there's also the site that will make a chest timer for any map:

I've figured out how to get to a list of items upon immediate open for a given treasure map, but I am unable to figure out how I can add time to each chest.

I do not speak Japanese and am using a translator to figure out what everything says, so I'm pretty sure I'm missing something. Any help would be great.
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User Info: yab

6 years ago#8
from that screen, pick PC as the first dropdown, you can leave the second one as it is.
Then click the first link it gives you with the map level in it.

User Info: Hobo_Joe364

6 years ago#9
I can't read the one to find info on the grotto map. Do I just download a translator, or do I manually have to translate everything? :p
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User Info: EK711

6 years ago#10
^^I like to use copy paste of the boss name into a google search of images. The names translate funky. The line below the Boss has the type of dungeon, followed by how many floors, and the starting monster rank. I used google translation for the dungeon type, but after a while you should be able to recognize them. After that it shows the number of the different quality chests in the dungeon.

Anyone else having issues with the timer? I've got it to work before, but now I can't get it to. I rarely can get it to actually generate anything recently. I see a lot of Error, and a single line of weird characters.

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