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Looking for good Priest equipment...

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  3. Looking for good Priest equipment...

User Info: Ghados

7 years ago#1
Could I be able to get good equipment via the Priest quest? Last time I didn't get anything useful. And BTW, I'm not quite strong enough to get it in grottos, so good stuff outside of grottos would have to do.

Thanks a bundle.

User Info: Max58201

7 years ago#2
the lv 15 quests give equipment the lv 40 quest gives a scroll with an ability

idk how far you are but magic armor is pretty good and can be alchemized to enchanted armor then ethreal armor isnt to hard

but also have everyone max out the paladins virtue tree trust me makes everything 10x easier

User Info: Ghados

7 years ago#3
I've actually beaten the game, so maybe the stuff in grottos is my only option then, because magic armor isn't my best.

User Info: wildkavu

7 years ago#4
Magic Armor + Enchanted Stone = Enchanted Armor
Enchanted Armor + Ethereal Stone = Ethereal Armor

User Info: Sancroff

7 years ago#5
My level 71 priestess does well with the following gear:

Xenlon rod
Ethereal shield
Hermetic hat
Ethereal armour
Ethereal gloves
Magical skirt
Sheepskin shoes
Holy talisman

User Info: Shdwwrym

7 years ago#6
One of the DLC quests should give you a set of gloves and boots for a Priest as well. They're probably not end-game tier, but they were better than what I had for my priest before the end of the game.

User Info: Heisenbird

7 years ago#7
My priest/sage currently has a tropotoga.
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  3. Looking for good Priest equipment...

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