So just got Metal slime Sollerets

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User Info: BlackDev0

6 years ago#1
Or whatever its spelled like..
Anyways is it worth upgrading to metal king slime sollerets? Are they 1 of the best feet equipment out there or are there lots of better ones, because then I'll just keep the ingredients for other stuff.

Thanks in advance

User Info: TorchicBlaziken

6 years ago#2
YES. Since they are some of the only shoes that give both high defense and high evasion, you should definitely keep them.

User Info: TorchicBlaziken

6 years ago#3
Scratch that - they are THE only shoes that do that.

User Info: TorchicBlaziken

6 years ago#4
The only other shoes that do that, Safest Shoes, are completely inferior.

User Info: BlackDev0

6 years ago#5
k thx I just make metal king slime boots = awesomeness
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User Info: spiked_spiegel

6 years ago#6
They are great shoes. However you need them in order to complete a quest. So you might want to just use them for the quest instead. Once they have been upgraded they cannot be used for the quest.

User Info: paul_hubans

6 years ago#7
Damn, I need those for a quest, yeah... But I can imagine I'm going to be so torn between using them for the quest or upgrading them to Metal King and having the best piece of footwear :( It sucks that they're so rare!

User Info: Master X

Master X
6 years ago#8
Not really that rare. Just remember what chest you got it in, and keep repeating the dungeon up until that chest over and over. If it's like the chests in my grottoes, the metal slime ones usually have ALL the metal equipment in them.
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User Info: paul_hubans

6 years ago#9
Yeah, but here are the factors, as far as I understand:

You need rank A chests, which are pretty rare. You'd be lucky to have more than one in a high-level grotto.

These chests are likely towards the bottom of the grotto.

You only have a 1% chance of getting one of the metal slime items.

Since there are, what, six(?) pieces of metal slime equipment, even if you hit that 1% chance, you might end up with a shield or a helmet or something instead of the boots.

So it's pretty much a less than 1% chance of finding these shoes each time you go into a grotto.

User Info: bloodriotiori

6 years ago#10
as was said, you need one for a quest, and it's a GOOD reward for that quest too, so it's worth hanging on to a pair of them till you're done with that quest. That said the quest is the VERY last one we're getting that i know of, so you can use them freely for a while, just don't upgrade them till you get another pair.

They are one of the better shoes in the game imo, they give +3 evade which is nice for heavy armor classes. You know i spent days and days grotto diving in this 1 grotto i have that has 5 rank A chests in it, i was hoping and hoping to get a shoes, and then finally i did :) Then i was like "aww but now i have to save these for that quest", then i got another pair the next day...then 2 days later ANOTHER pair. So just keep farming those grottos that you know have metal slime equipment and you can get another pair :)
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