Level grinding

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User Info: kerplunk1982

6 years ago#1
So I am still early in the game maybe 15%ish or so. Later in the game are there better enimies to grind than the silver slimes? I kinda hope so b/c grinding them is sort of boring.
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User Info: Sandnite

6 years ago#2
Well you'll meet stronger varieties of Metal type slimes who give even larger chunks of exp.

User Info: Sephiroth0327

6 years ago#3
Here are the stronger versions of the Metal Slimes that you will run into:

Metal Slime - 4096 EXP (Quarantomb)
Metal Medley - Appx 12,000 EXP (Bad Cave)
Liquid Metal Slime - 40,200 EXP (Bowhole)
Metal King Slime - 120,040 EXP (Grottoes)
Platinum King Jewel - 240,000 EXP (Grottoes)
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User Info: LinkLuigi

6 years ago#4
Of course, they're just the most efficent. Really, you could level on the local monsters while running a dungeon to the next boss and be ok. You don't really gotta over-level this game, unless you want too, in which case slimes are your friend.

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