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User Info: DragonFistAbysi

5 years ago#1
The previous thread exists @

nakonakonako, you wanna explain what you said?

So, I'm still looking into starting a writer forum. If I have time, I'll send out invites to the Daily posters. No guarantees tho. Feel free to give details into what your doin' these days.

Went back and rescued the girl from kidnappers. Didn't make unusual claims this time, just kicked butt and didn't lay claim to the 5k offered by the mayor.
The weak and abusive need my help yet again. ~ Guillo
Ha ha ha, wow. Same guy pulls the same trick two topics in a row and nails 500 both times.
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User Info: Gixander

5 years ago#3
That was the same guy? Jeez. That's lame. At least have something worthwhile to post, eh?

I finally finished farming for my usual 4 of everything (2 if gender specific) at Coffinwell. Just about 16 hours because I found that there are Crabids on the coast by the Quarantomb. They drop a nice amount of gold, and I've had up to three of them at a time. 96 for one of them is nice at this stage of the game.

I'm about to head into the Quarantomb, but I decided to just get ready and I went and grabbed all the recipes I could in Coffinwell, and then I got the one from the guy for the Panacea. I'm not certain by how much I'm overleveled here.

Minstrel - 24 (Sword 27, Shield 25)
Warrior - 23 (Sword 22, Courage 25)
Priest - 22 (Wand 21, Faith 21)
Mage - 22 (Wand 21, Spellcraft 21)

My plan is as follows:
Minstrel changes to Warrior.
Warrior changes to Gladiator, once I unlock it. That's gonna be a beast, from what I hear.

As far as my Priest and Mage, I'm not certain what to do there. My first thought was to switch my Priest into a Mage, and my Mage into a Priest. Then I could get more points into Wand. What do you think?

User Info: DragonFistAbysi

5 years ago#4
No point in yelling about it. But it doesn't seem like the guy thinks much considering the babble from his post. If he wants to swindle another 500th post, let him get it on his own. If this thread does get far enough, I'll let it die 100 shy or so.

So I beat the first Murdaw and have started on the next part, and I have also started playing Golden Sun (first of three) and I've completed the first village. I did the trick to name all the characters, but for the life of me, I couldn't think of a different name for anyone. Isaac could change, but pretty much everyone else has a name that fits them, or perhaps I should say that I find that their names shouldn't be changed. Or something like that. It'd be like arbitrarily changing a person's nickname after s/he's had for 10 years.
The weak and abusive need my help yet again. ~ Guillo

User Info: Gixander

5 years ago#5
I honestly thought the first two were better than the one on the DS. The one on the DS seemed a bit...forced. The plotline was very well tied into the first two, but I think they could have done a lot more with it. The gameplay was fun, though.

I ended up giving up on the whole get multiple of everything. Well, as far as only having the most recent upgrade. So, I still have four swords, but I only have the best sword available at that time. Everything else I sold. That's the most I'm planning on giving up on my normal way of doing things. Only reason I'm doing that is because it took me 23 hours to finish farming for the Abbey. But, I ended up finishing that quest, and decided to switch everyone's jobs all at once.

My main character Minstrel became a Warrior. Helps because of the Sword/Shield combination. He'll become a Gladiator at some point. Not certain when. Focusing on Sword and Shield, back and forth between the two.

My Warrior became a Gladiator. I'm spending more time focusing on raising Guts than the Sword skill. She has Miracle Slash, so I think that's a good start for now. After she maxes Guts, I'm going to throw the remaining points into Sword. She'll eventually switch back to Warrior, and throw those remaining points into Shield.

My Priest and Mage switched vocations with each other, and both are focused on just leveling Wands for now.

I haven't moved on to the town at the southern end of the continent, since my characters are only level 9 right now. I'm wanting to get to about 15 before continuing.

What's the best way to go about completing the Armamentalist unlock quest? It's seems to be rather tricky to pull off. Someone with spears for that crit or miss skill?

User Info: CuteRosePetals

5 years ago#6
I usually leave unlocking Armamentalist until post game, and go to Slime Plateau. (Or what ever that slime's place is called.)

But, if I'm really bored, I make my main sword user skill up as a mage, to get that move, Wizard Ward, then make them back to their vocation, and just track them down, and try to kill them with metal slash.

Usually works.

User Info: Gixander

5 years ago#7
I may have to do that. Since I've already unlocked Gladiator, and the Armamentalist quest has been started, what's the next job available to unlock as you play through the story?

I know a lot of people are talking about using Armamentalists in the post-game for grotto bosses. I'm going to be unlocking everything I can.

In the end, I'm also wondering about Sage versus Priest. Which is better to have in the endgame? That and Mages. I've heard bad things about them.

So, I'm thinking about Gladiator, Paladin, Sage/Priest, Sage/Mage.
Re: Unlocking Armamentalist: Get everyone Wizard Ward, (Cheapest ability in the Mage's line) and if the metal stays, go crazy with metal slashes/poison needle strikes.

And everyone specifically uses the Armamentalist's skill line, because it's the best in the game. Fources let you elementally attune your characters, reducing damage drastically and increasing their damage output.

Re: Sage vs Priest. In the end game? You'll have just unlocked Sage. Both get multiheal, which is about as much as you need. Sage does get Kazing, which is nice. (Having a 100% chance of revival definitely beats Zing's 50%.) In the post-game? Priest ends up being more useful against the legacies because Omniheal is just necessary to keep up with the 400-500 damage being dealt to party members. And Kazing is nice, but it still only revives at 50% HP which means the character is revived just to potentially get offed again. (Though considering that Yggdrasil leaves are the revival of choice, Yggdrasil Dew is still a viable item, as it's Omniheal in item form.)

Re: Mages: ...lest I attract the ire of someone, all I'm going to say that they have great damage potential and the survivability of a mouse in a crazy cat person's house.

And a very popular standard post-game party is Gladiator, Paladin, Priest, Sage. Covers all the bases really.
*Casts Doom on everything* You all must now feel the pain that I have felt...DIE!

User Info: Gixander

5 years ago#9
The GameStop here has a copy of the guide for DQ9. Is it worth picking up?

Also, I guess while there are certain vocations needed, it seems like there is still some flexibility in the end.

User Info: DragonFistAbysi

5 years ago#10
It's not particularly important since you can pretty much get the same info here if you want it and more. Of course, if you want the book, it does have lots art for the game, but it's not an art book. I personally only bought it because it was cheap and Border's was closing its doors forever.

I'm acquiring Providence and Nevan right now.
The weak and abusive need my help yet again. ~ Guillo

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