well thats all nine

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User Info: DDDDrova

4 years ago#11
Tevarrekke posted...
I have beaten 3 and 4 for nintendo. I actually found the unofficial translated remake for 3 on super nintedo (I wouldn't have had to but they never released it to the US) I beat 5 and 6 the same way lol. I beat 7 and maxed out all the regular classes on PS1 but sadly didn't find all the ? shards... I beat 8 and got a good handful of things along the way. just could never beat the secret boss to death like I wanted too... (unlimited skill seeds has he!!!!)
right now I am working on 4 and 6 and 9 for the ds. sadly I couldn't get my hands on 5

five i couldnt find in any stores
i got it off amazon for like 16 bucks

User Info: DDDDrova

4 years ago#12
shadowreaper7 posted...
You may want to spoiler tag seeing as the whole battling corvus the one who fell from the observatory is a plot twist and does spoil it slightly . Just a friendly suggestion.
Did you enjoy this one as much as some of the others or?

yep its was fun i like all the bosses and the general story

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