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User Info: Metal_Slime_B

4 years ago#201
I'm about halfway done with editing. Sorry for the delay, I feel like such a lazy ass. The funny thing is I used to have this shirt that said "Very Busy" on the front, and "Very Lazy" on the back, LOL. Describes me to a T on more occasions than I care to admit. So for all the suspense and waiting, my apologies, I give full permission to pummel me at will (in real life I'm like a walking tank anyway, so, lol, it was kind of my trademark to even take deadarms with a...huh? "Hey Alex, punch buggy blue" *BAM* Me: "huh...my turn =D")

Maybe it's just too many falls. I once raced up 12 stairs at a water park. At the 11th step I slipped, and I guess I was going really fast because I cleared the rest of the stairs and landed thud on the concrete below. No real external damage, but wow, maybe 12 seconds of being out, 8 seconds or so of having blacked out and my mum was in a panic. Went right back up to probably the worst water slide man ever built. One of those tubes where they dump almost as much water as the kids running down it. By the end of the ride my nose was in so much pain from sucking up all that water, and the twists and turns made it hard to keep track of my position, along with various periods of being turned around face-first into water, struggling to breath. Terrible slide design. Funny part is that I was either 11 or 12 at the time.

Ah, look at me, procrastinating again. Back to work.

The two contributing editors are Liamland and robg37. robg37 opted to be known as robg37 at the end where I'll list minor credits on who contributed to the article. Liamland, you've contributed the most, and were a great inspiration, so pm me with how you want to be known within the credits (I'm assuming, given your edits that you prefer Liamland). shadow, you contributed to brainstorming ideas in construction, so how would you prefer to be credited?

LOL, I really should have pre-edited before my initial release. Lazy me. Thanks rob and Liam for the edits. Not sure if you'll both see everything you did come through, but I did my best. Let me know what you think when it's up.

User Info: Metal_Slime_B

4 years ago#202
Hmm, if this doesn't work, maybe I should pull a youtube troll and title a video "Hot Sex", start out with connecting playing DQ9 to Hot Sex...show some awesome models, and do some voiceovers where they talk about how sexy DQ9 is, then alter the screen to a spiral, and talk about SE destroying DQVC and the now fully programmed army of misfits shall begin a letter writing campaign, enmasse!


That's just crazy thought.

I was half tempted to say Bieber's name, but then I thought, even in jest it would disgrace the name of DQ and sully my reputation wherever I should go. As Bieber b***** eventually awake, wonder what happened, and why Vampires today are fruitcakes that glow in sunlight and are incapable of wooing anything female more intellectually profound and emotionally intelligent than high school girls.

For shame on me, but somehow this has to resonate, beyond even the scope of the article. Here's to hoping.

User Info: shadowreaper7

4 years ago#203
Metal_Slime_B posted...
shadow, you contributed to brainstorming ideas in construction, so how would you prefer to be credited?

You can use my username on here if you like.
Not that you have to credit me at all in this but if you really feel like it, then sure, use the username.

Otherwise i look forward to seeing that finished article. :)
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User Info: Metal_Slime_B

4 years ago#204
Square Enix Removes Key Game Feature Without Warning <---Megasized!
The Implications of the Loss of DQVC for the Dragon Quest Community <---slightly larger than normal text
Alexander ********, July 12, 2013

On June 21st, 2013, Square Enix decided to cancel an important part of the Dragon Quest 9 (DQ9) experience. Without any official notice they pulled the plug on the DQVC, an online service that enriched playing DQ9 by providing unique and rare, equipment and items. Many of us in the Dragon Quest fan community questioned why, but we were told that Square Enix does not run the DQVC server and so they cannot help us - a statement we know to be false.

So what is the DQVC? First, it is a portmanteau of DQ and QVC. The service makes a connection between the game and a remote server to provide a shopping list from a select group of weapons, armour, and items that changes weekly. These lists comprise nearly every single piece of equipment and item available in game, some of which are unique items only found through DQVC.

How Do We Know Square Enix Runs The Server? <---also underlined

The lingering question is, with Square Enix's claim that they do not run the server, why is it that I, and many other fans, claim otherwise? Where is our proof? The simple answer is that this happened before: one year prior, on June 8, 2012. The following is a link to the GameFAQs topic covering the episode (one of several on multiple forums):


Here, over the course of nearly 20 days, with fans sending multiple support tickets, we, the fanbase of DQ9 were told the same thing from Square Enix - that they did not run the servers, that they were run by Nintendo. After several calls to Nintendo, we were finally told that they do not run them, but that Square Enix does. Nintendo claimed that they would inquire with Square Enix to fix the problem. After sending in a few more tickets and a few more support calls were made to Square Enix, confirmation was finally given that Square Enix does indeed run the servers and that they would be fixed. Within days it was resolved, on June 26, 2012. Only one person was told, by a representative of Nintendo Germany (not from Square Enix) that within a year the plug would be pulled on the DQVC. This was never confirmed by any Square Enix representative, nor by any other Nintendo representative in any country.

Is DQVC Really Important? What Else Could Go Wrong? <---also underlined

With the DQVC down, there is no way to experience the full extent of what DQ9 has to offer. This service is important because it provides both new and old, casual and completionist players with often rare equipment and items, often rare that can take a significant amount of time to find otherwise. This adds a window of fun with some of the nifty equipment options, and for those difficult bosses, some enhanced equipment for greater success in battle. With the removal of this service it not only takes away options that make the game more fun, and rewarding, it brings to mind the question of what other downloadable content might be removed in the future, such as Inn Guests and downloadable Quests. Legacy guests, who provide funny commentary, who function as a form of Easter Egg, and some nifty presents (of which the Equipment are found only through Guests and the DQVC). Post-game Quests, which close some of the game's plot holes, also add rare equipment and rare dungeon maps, some of which is only found through the Quest system. If Square Enix is ready to shut the DQVC down, won't this impact their other games and future releases with online content?

User Info: Metal_Slime_B

4 years ago#205
Was This Due To Cutting Costs? <---also underlined

Many questions have come up in the gaming forums about this topic. Could this change have been a business decision? With our collective thoughts, the more tech-savvy fans find this very unlikely. The actual cost to run the DQVC is almost nonexistent in today's internet. For one, the game's allowed user connection is only once per day. For two, there is likely one single packet from the server, and this packet could be in range of 256 bytes to 2,048 bytes (2KB) depending on the format, from Unicode to XML, including an IPv4 header. Odds are only 100 – 10,000 people per day would connect to the server in the US and EU, but to make my point I'll use an absurd average of 100,000 per day over 8 days. For the lower estimate of 256 bytes per packet, this would amount to approximately 192MB of data transferred (approximately 24MB a day). For the higher estimate of 2KB per packet, about 1.5GB of data transfered at 195MB daily. Given the ease of finding a low cost server with practically unlimited bandwidth, the number of recurring players today and into the future, and given the small size of just 2KB per transaction, the cost to run is negligible.

Solutions, Solutions <---also underlined

The game came with the service, it is necessary to fully enjoy it, and thus this debacle requires a resolution. Here are several options:

1) Square Enix, given the low costs to run the server, the bandwidth handling going up with new tech and improved connection speed and ping times, could and should run the DQVC so long as the company exists.

2) Square Enix could release the DQVC server code as open source, similar to how Sega released the Phantasy Star Online server code, to allow gamers who wish to continue playing and fully enjoy their masterpiece. The idea is that if the servers do go down again, and Square Enix no longer wants to support their game content, we can fix it ourselves.

To further emphasize this last point, which we, the fanbase, believe to be the best option, I submit writing from a fellow Dragon Quest fan who best sums up the idea that we, the DQ fan community, greatly respect Square Enix's desire to keep their code proprietary in light of this potentially generous outcome. Should they decide to release said server code, future generations will continue to enjoy this fantastic game:

"We recognize that there is a question about control of proprietary code, but if this is a game that SquareEnix is no longer supporting, then we are looking for an open source solution with which to resolve these problems for future gamers, coming to play Dragon Quest IX for the first time. We are looking for SquareEnix to be open-minded, and see this as an opportunity to reach out to the fans and show that they care. Many of these same fans have been playing Dragon Quest since the '80s, and are now influential in passing the franchise on to their children, the "Questers" of the future.

The fanbase can honestly say we are not blaming SquareEnix, but let's all be honest and admit that this was a design flaw with the game, and for the fans and the future of Dragon Quest in North America, we are just asking them to correct it."
(user Liamland, of the GameFAQs Dragon Quest IX Forum, 7/12/2013)

User Info: Metal_Slime_B

4 years ago#206
Whatever the outcome, we respect Square Enix's wishes, however in closing, we do request that we are respected and at the very least given proper notice of whatever Square Enix actually decides on the present and future of the DQVC for fans outside of Japan. We further request proper communication for any similar decision going forward on any future game with online content. We, the fans, love Dragon Quest. We would love to see both the series and Square Enix flourish around the world, but this relationship means that we deserve, for our hard-earned money, an official notice and options, should the company wish to discontinue downloadable content.

Credits: Original concept, writing, and some editing work by Alexander ********, formerly ignasia7 of GameFAQs. Brainstorming and concept direction work by shadowreaper7 of GameFAQs. Brainstorming, concept direction, partial writing, and most editing work by Liamland of GameFAQs. Editing work by robg37 of GameFAQs.

Ze final product spectaculaaaaaar! I have done it! Well, just phase 1 anyway. So let me know what you guys think. If this still needs further editing, please state as such (likely very minor if anything). Hope Liam and robg37 can see where their contributions begin and end.

Anyway, huzzah, I'm hungry, I've got stuff to do today, so I'll be back sometime later tonight. Hopefully to some activity, further insights, commentary on how they feel about this, and I'll get work work on seeing who will post this.
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Metal_Slime_B

4 years ago#209
After a response on gamespots GSWRT forums, I've decided I'm going to go for the blog route. See if I can't get it editorialized.

I'll send in a submission to them to see what they think, then do an official blog post. I'll attempt the same on 1UP.com, and I'll try with submissions to kotaku and siliconera to see if I can't get my blog some notice and we'll go from there.

How's that sound? With this in mind, I'll erase the above message, as it no longer serves any purpose.

User Info: behindtheword

4 years ago#210
Ok, so this is my Gamespot account, first time posting here...huzzah!

I will be retiring Metal Slime B, and given it's a pain to log into two accounts, I'll just keep updating the current situation via this route.

I left a copy of the future blog post formerly known as an article on the Gamespot Writers Round Table to get some extra feedback first. Then I'll post a blog, then attempt to editorialize it so we can get some greater recognition.

I'm half tempted to turn this into a serious blog for all things Dragon Quest. So feel free if there's something to post about, like updates on Dragon's Den, etc. for me to bring up. I'll be checking myself anyway. For now though the core focus is this.

I am not sure how I'll open up my first blog post, but I'll think of something crafty.

I'll post a link when that happens. After that point I'll see about chatting it up with Siliconera, Kotaku, and Tiny Cartridge (dwaine's suggestion on dragon's den). I'll tack on RPGamer as well.

Food time.

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