DQVC acting weird

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User Info: nfrazee28

4 years ago#91
So, wait, Melon, what? Did you get a fresh load with new items?
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User Info: rileym65

4 years ago#92
When I connected this morning, the background was changed to yellow from green, but still said guest gals week 3, and the items were not refreshed.

User Info: ignasia7

4 years ago#93
Hmm...yes, Melon, please let us know if you did get a fresh load. I still can't.

Ticket #3: 2382149

This is my message for this third ticket:

This is my third ticket, and I'm only sending it due to lack of information on the status of the DQVC service. One year ago, the exact same problem occurred, where after sending in tickets, your technical staff fixed the problem. It took 4 days, this is now over 1 week. It's very simple code. So please let us know the status, and please do not send another generic email, as that tells us nothing, and by us I mean the DQ community as it exists online.

I understand you folks are probably very busy, and I appreciate any status update you are able to give us.

In case this does not connect to my previous tickets, we can connect to the service just fine, but ONLY the Quests and Inn Guests transfer (first connect in a new game downloads all of them), no DQVC store list will transfer.

Thank you.
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User Info: Wolf_Pack_Pride

4 years ago#94
Ugh, still not updating. Just submitted another ticket. Here's what I wrote:

Dear Customer Support,

In Dragon Quest IX, the on-line store (DQVC) is not changing the daily items up for sale nor is it changing the theme weekly. It has not worked in over a week now. This happened a year ago and was fixed by the technical people there. This went down on-line when Orb Week was about to start which are the hardest items to get in the game. Please forward this to the appropriate technical people to fix this problem.
What happens on the game players end, is that it appears to be connecting and it does say it is downloading, and apparently new quests and characters still download, but the items in the store do not change daily like they did, and the weekly theme is also not changing like it has for the past few years.

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User Info: outsider90909

4 years ago#95
Third ticket, #2382381
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Dark RPG Wizard 06 4 years ago#96
blueflamedino posted...
I shall fetch my finest team to fight Nokturnus: a priest, two luminaries, and a minstrel.

Nah, but I wonder if this is possible in DQIX:

3 AI Gladiators who all get access to and trigger 100 tension on turn 1, given life fource and double defense dropped on the firsr hit of a falcon slash combo?

Highly unlikely, but most mechanically possible.
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User Info: outsider90909

4 years ago#97
My third ticket, I copypasta'd ignasia7 since he said it better than I could have.

And this is what I got in response just now:
"Thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX support,
We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

Unfortunately, for support with this game, you would need to contact the Nintendo Support team. You should be able to find further information in the manual for the game.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center."
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User Info: ignasia7

4 years ago#98
They simply decided they don't want to deal with it. This repeats last years, the only difference being we haven't called into Nintendo yet. I received the same message.

So on Friday (like as not they'll be running a skeleton staff tomorrow), I'm going to send in another ticket, with a link to the previous years problem and note which posts clearly indicate that SE both admits it runs the servers and where Nintendo openly admits that SE, not Nintendo, runs the server code.

This looks like it'll take awhile longer. Pathetic from any angle.

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User Info: ignasia7

4 years ago#99
I changed my mind and instead, after reading the fine print in this last, and most insulting response, that I can respond to this particular email. So, I did, and with the following:

Dear Square-Enix Support,

This is unfortunate that you have bad information about your own company and servers. One year ago, and you should have data on this, the exact same problem occurred with the DQVC server. Many members of Gamefaqs and various other gaming sites, who play Dragon Quest IX called into your offices to complain. We were told Nintendo ran the servers, just like in the above response.

In calling Nintendo to complain, we were instead told not only that Nintendo does not run the servers, but you, Square-Enix, in fact do. This was both for Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America. In both cases Nintendo stated they would forward this information to you, Square-Enix, in the hopes that this misconception and incorrect data would be corrected, and that the DQVC servers would be fixed by you, Square-Enix.

We, the Dragon Quest community, then sent in mass numbers of tickets to you, Square-Enix, through the online support system, as we have done this year (this last being my third, and several others have stated they too have sent in a third ticket). In response, not only did the technical staff of Square-Enix respond that the servers are run by Square-Enix, but stated they would be fixed. The problem was then resolved, by Square-Enix in several days, approximately 3-4 if memory serves.

I am not sure why I, and the other members of the Dragon Quest community, should have to call into Nintendo to fix a server problem on a server run by Square-Enix. Here is the current thread running on Gamefaqs covering the current crisis:


Here is the thread from almost exactly one year prior, and within it are responses clearly indicating that your company, Square-Enix, has always run the DQVC servers, and therefor is the only company that can fix the issue:


Please fix this, this is your responsibility, it runs off your servers, and therefor you must fix this.
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User Info: Branfowl

4 years ago#100
I, too, received the exact same response from them after my 3rd and final ticket.

Ignasia, thank you for your passion! I say we all just keep sending tickets and flooding it and tell friends and family and other forums and threads.


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