Story 2 Glitch Need Help!

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User Info: Iria_Ervich

9 years ago#1
I'm playing Midnight Masquerade and on the point when you have to choose between the 2 girls I chose Erin Davis. The game continues until Stephen & Erin got engaged. My sim then call a limousine and go somewhere with Erinm after that he dissappear completely like when he goes to work but his sin icon (the one you have to click to control a sim) also disappear and later on my cat got taken away by pet adoption service and there's no sim that can be controlled in live mode. The game is still running (it's not paused but it runs in fast forward) and the sims don't come back.

Is this a glitch or should I just let the game running and wait for my sims to come home? They're supposed to go to as island in a limousine, right?

User Info: cinder459

9 years ago#2
well there is a glitch cause after the limo leaves its supposed to change to freeplay mode and they come back
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