how do i play ??

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User Info: MizzLilDrama

9 years ago#1
i want to play story mode but i don't know what to do !
i went to single & shipwrecked and decorated the place but how do i start playing with the people .
i am so confused . please hep me out asap . =]
When Life Gives You Lemons Squirt It In Other Peoples Eyes X]

User Info: DezmoTk

9 years ago#2

A little more detail would help, you said you decorated the place. Do you mean you've done the furnishing objective. Or you just decorated the freeplay island? So you actually went to into single and shipwrecked and the story cinematic starting and so on?

If you're asking how to play with all the people you meet in the game you cannot. That is only in the console version as far as I know.

User Info: MizzLilDrama

9 years ago#3
i really dont know .
i juss was at the main menu clicked one single & shipwreaked then it took me to the island
from there my only option was to furnish the island .
i never got the chance to make my people .
like at the beginning i choose the girls story but i dont know how to play it .
i havent seen the sims since then . i am very confused .
When Life Gives You Lemons Squirt It In Other Peoples Eyes X]

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