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User Info: Proximal13

9 years ago#1
I'm sick of grinding levels and don't want to mod my psp for fear of bricking it, so editors are out. I've seen some different versions of this method but can't seem to pull them up after skimming the boards, so, what is your prefered method? I'm not interested in manual methods because I've got great manual methods but they are just too boring to grind out.

thanks in advance.
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User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#2
They're all basically the same: Speed Break the enemy, Power break everyone, Frog everyone except the caster, Berserk everyone except the caster.

You can either move the caster to the opposite side of the map and put them on Coward AI or cast Induration on them. Induration is guaranteed to work, but Coward AI is usually fine.

User Info: Proximal13

9 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#4
Because the monster has only 1 Speed and enemy AI is too stupid to always target one unit, there is less than a 1% chance that one of your units will die. When done right, you can't abort, but it's not important. It works on any map with any monster (Frogged enemies can't use abilities).

If you use Berserker AI, you don't need to cast Berserk. If you use Rend Power, you don't need to cast Toad (against most enemies). Auto-leveling is really easy to set up and there is no "right way to do it."

You can get to level 99 in one fight, but that depends on the enemy level and their HP total. If you're only level 30 when you start and so is the monster, it won't happen.

User Info: OmniEdge00

9 years ago#5
Yeah, ive been singling out one enemy, then making that enemy a confused frog, then circling them with mimes and having my thief with math skill use steal gil... you get a crap load of gil and level at the same time... but it takes to long... thats the only downside

User Info: Meliadoul2K

9 years ago#6
I'm clueless when it comes to this. Can somebody explain it to me step by step?
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User Info: Proximal13

9 years ago#7
consider the origional question answered. Thanks for the great info. I half assed this at one point a week or so back and I may have made a booboo. My caster was a black mage with arithmatics so after setting the AI to coward she killed the last enemy with holy. Maybe I should change the secondary ability to something less godly.
xlink kai: Proximal
current game is Final Fantasy Tactics

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#8
Mysitc Arts would be a good secondary. Then you can use Induration on yourself.

Meliadoul2K: The steps listed in my first post are really all you need. You can even skip some of them. Frogs do so little damage that Rend Power is optional, and Berserk can be ignored if you use the AI control.

User Info: M13C

9 years ago#9
what i do to auto level is go to mandalia and kill everyone except the last enemy, it helps if its a yellow chocobo but anyone is fine
-using a fast character(either through job like monk or ninja or a character with a high spd stat/equipment) with arts of war as secondary skill and dual wield on, use rent speed and attack on the enemy and use rend attack on the char you want to auto-level until those stats are 1
-then using beowulf and balthier put sleep, blind, toad, berserk, immobilize, disable, chicken (all the way until the enemy is actually a chicken) on the enemy and put toad and berserk on the characters you want to auto-level( do this with beowulf who imo is better to cast berserk with the right stats and a BM to cast toad)
-when your done use either the BM (with mystic arts as secondary skill) and beowulf to stone everyone who isn't going to auto-level

thats what i do to frog/auto-level

User Info: Racer_Ecks

9 years ago#10
Here's my version:

1 Monk with Arithmeticks, Dual Wield, Shirahadori
1 Ninja with Arts of War, Shirahadori
3 Characters to Level (Arts of War secondary for Rend Power is optional, but speeds up the process)

Mandalia Plains

Kill all but one enemy with the Monk/Arithmetician. Any enemy will do, but Red Panthers have the most HP (meaning you'll get the most levels/job points from them), with the catch that you must Toad them or else they will poison your units to death. During the slaughter, have your Ninja/Knight use Rend Power on your leveling units until all of their PAs are down to 1. If your leveling units have RP, have them use it on each other.

Then have your Ninja/Knight go rend power and speed on the final enemy unit, until both stats are down to 1.

Cast Toad and Fervor on the last enemy unit and all of your leveling units with your Monk/Arithmetician. Then cast Induration on your Monk and Ninja.

Now you plug your PSP in, and go play SSB: Brawl or Rock Band. Come back and save after about 2 hours.

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