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User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#1

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Board FAQ – 4/14/08

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 What is this game?
1.2 Is this similar to FFTA/Disgaea/Fire Emblem/etc?
1.3 Is this better than FFTA/Disgaea/Fire Emblem/etc?
1.4 What other games are similar to this?
1.5 Will this ever appear on the DS? PS2?
1.6 Media
2. New Content
2.1 New classes
2.2 New characters
2.3 New translation
2.4 Animated cutscenes
2.5 New events
2.6 New items
2.7 Multiplayer
3.Basic Game Help
3.1 Introduction to the Battle Mechanics Guide
3.2 JP, Leveling up and Job Levels
3.3 Midlight’s Deep
3.4 Saving
3.5 Learning Ultima and other spells “Blue Mage” style
3.6 How to obtain…
3.6a Luso
3.6b Beowulf
3.6c Reis (Dragon)
3.6d Construct 8
3.6e Reis (Human)
3.6f Balthier
3.6g Cloud
3.6h Byblos
3.7 Special Random Battles
3.8 Job Growth Charts
4. Frequently Asked Questions
4.1 How many units can we have?
4.2 Why can’t I steal the Genji equipment from Elmdore?
4.3 Are there any glitches in the game?
4.4 Are skill quotes still in the game?
4.5 What missables are in the game?
4.6 How do we get the new items?
4.7 How do you soft reset?
4.8 How do I unlock more job classes?
4.9 Is there a New Game+? What’s a “clear game save”?
4.10 One of my characters died. How do I get them back?
4.11 Is Cloud in this game?
4.12 How can I replay cutscenes?
4.13 Does the English version still have slowdown?
4.14 Can we play online?
4.15 Where does this game fit in the Ivalice Timeline?
4.16 What will be the next game in the Ivalice Alliance?

1. Introduction

1.1 What is this game?

This is an enhanced port of Final Fantasy Tactics, a Strategy RPG originally released in 1997 for the Playstation. It features new content and was released for the PSP in 2007.

1.2 Is this similar to FFTA/Disgaea/Fire Emblem/etc?

This game is one of the more well known SRPG titles. It shares common themes with many of these games. The battles are done on respective maps in grid style fashion. You can control multiple characters and customize them to your heart’s content.

1.3 Is this better than FFTA/Disgaea/Fire Emblem/etc?

This is purely opinion and should probably not be brought up on the boards (if only for the fact that you are on a FFT board, so responses will be biased). If you’re a fan of the genre you will probably be able to appreciate many facets of the game.

1.4 What other games are similar to this?

The following are some of the more commonly associated SRPGs. If you’re a fan of FFT you may want to look into these games/series (available in English across various platforms).

Disgaea (PS2 , PSP, DS and PS3)
Tactics Ogre (PS1, GBA)
Fire Emblem (GBA, GC, Wii)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA, DS)
Front Mission (DS, PS2)
Jeanne d’Arc (PSP)

1.5 Will this ever appear on the DS? PS2?


1.6 Media

http://na.square-enix.com/fftactics/ (North American site)
http://members.cox.net/camitchell3/FFT.zip - FFT character/class wallpaper (by GF user Algus)

2. New Content

2.1 New classes

There are two new classes; the Dark Knight and the Onion Knight from previous FF games. Onion Knights are initially weak but ridiculously strong by the end of the game. Onion Knights do not learn any abilities, but they can equip everything. Dark Knight has abilities similar to Gaffgarion. They can deal great amounts of damage AND heal themselves. They also have decent ranged skills.

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#2
Onion Knights gain one job level for every two classes you master (excluding Squire, Chemist, Mime, and Dark Knight). Onion Knights cannot cannot equip any secondary abilities. Once they are Job Level 8 and have their Onion equipment (only available in multiplayer), they are a powerhouse class.

The Onion Knight is unlocked after leveling Squire and Chemist to job level 6. The Dark Knight requires that you must kill (enemies turn into crystal or chest) at least 20 enemies with that character, completely master the Knight and Black Mage jobs, and level Dragoon, Samurai, Ninja, and Geomancer to Job Level 8.

2.2 New characters

Luso is the main character in the upcoming DS game FFTA2. His job title is “Game Hunter” and he has the same skillset as Ramza (yes, he can learn Ultima and the two can teach it to each other), and innate Poach ability (when he’s in his unique job).

Balthier from FFXII joins Ramza during his quest in Ch. 4. His job title is “Sky Pirate,” and he has the “Aim” abilities Mustadio has, the Thief action abilities, and his own unique attack that hits 4 times, as well as innate Safeguard (again, in his unique job).

2.3 New translation

The game’s English translation has been overhauled in a similar fashion to FFXII’s script. It is a blend of pseudo-Victorian English (think Shakespeare+Dickens). Many of the locations and names have been changed, as have skills, jobs and items.

2.4 Animated cutscenes

There are almost a dozen beautifully animated cutscenes done in a cel-shaded style. They are voiced over for the English version and advance the story in a number of places.

2.5 New events

This game has extra scenes and new battles. Below are short descriptions and how to trigger the events/battles (scenes with *are scenes with new battles).

Chapter 1

Eavesdropping at Gariland
How to activate - at Gariland automatically after visiting Eagrose Castle
Summary - Two bar patrons discuss the new multiplayer features in the PSP version
Misc. Info - Nothing special

Chapter 2

Wiegraf and Loffrey's Meeting
How to activate - after the Execution Site battle
Summary - Wiegraf, praying at Milleuda’s grave, is propositioned by Loffrey to join the Knights Templar
Misc. Info - Shows how Wiegraf turned to the dark side

Delita and Ovelia's Battle*
How to activate - after the battle at the gate of Lionel
Summary - Delita and Ovelia escape from Lionel and are attacked.
Misc. Info - Delita has Agrias’ skillset plus “Chant”. Ovelia is a Guest.

Chapter 3

Rescue Luso *
How to activate - at the Zeklaus Desert while on your way to Riovanes
Summary - A cutscene shows Luso running from Behemoths
Misc. Info - Luso is a Guest and must survive and has innate Poach, so if you haven’t run into any Behemoths thus far, you may want to let him finish off the higher tiered ones for some easy rare treasure.

Delita and Ovelia's Battle 2*
How to activate - after the Yardrow Fort City battle.
Summary - An assassination attempt is made on Ovelia
Misc. Info - Even easier than the first one

Chapter 4

Lipstick Event
How to activate - You must have Agrias, Mustadio, Lavian and Alicia in your party, and have 500,000 gil. Land on a city on Agrias’ birthday (the first of Cancer).
Summary - Mustadio, Ramza and Agrias create a humorous scene in the bar. At the end, you get a new accessory, the Tynar Rouge.
Misc. Info - You must have 500,000 gil in your inventory, but you only spend 50,000. If any of the characters needed have been killed or dismissed, you are out of luck!

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#3
How to activate - After Bervenia, listen to the “Rash of Thefts” rumor at Gariland (also possible at Gollund, and maybe other locations). Afterwards, hear the “Call of Guards” rumor at Dorter and the battle should start when you move
Summary - Ramza is accosted by mercenaries when the leading man himself saves the day
Misc. Info - Just like Luso, Balthier can handle his own and he is equipped with nice new armor and a new gun.

Death Knight Argath*
How to activate - occurs between the Elmdore and Zalera battles at Limberry
Summary - Argath returns as an undead version of a Dark Knight and is accompanied by Ultima Demons
Misc. Info - It’s good to whoop on Argath again

Cletienne vs Meliadoul*
How to activate - Run past Gariland on the way to Eagrose Castle (after Limberry)
Summary - Ramza walks into a trap and is saved at the last minute by Meliadoul.
Misc. Info - Meliadoul is a Guest and must stay alive. This battle is really fun if you have a Dark Knight (or Orlandeau)

Reis Kidnapped!*
How to activate - After clearing Mullonde and listening to the “Liege Lord of Lionel” rumor (found in various cities), go to Lionel for the event to start. Reis must also be in her human form.
Summary - Reis is kidnapped. Beowulf asks Ramza to help save Reis from Aliste (a Shrine Knight) and holy man Bremont.
Misc. Info - There are two battles here (Beowulf is a Guest in both and you cannot use Reis). The first is against a decent attack team and Aliste. He has Safeguard and Teleport. You win a Genji Armor after the battle.
The second battle is against a Holy Priest that turns into a dragon and make sure you bring a Thief or someone with Steal

Agrias and Ovelia's Reunion
How to activate - After Mullonde, go to Zeltennia Castle
Summary - Agrias reunites with Ovelia (if you still have Alicia and Lavian they will be there, too) and discusses everything that has happened
Misc. Info - There’s literally three words of extra dialogue with Alicia and Lavian, so you’re not missing out on anything if you’ve dismissed them

Suppression of a Former Hokuten Knight *
How to activate - View the previous scene and listen to the rumors at Eagrose or Gariland. Go to the Brigand’s Den to start the battle. Agrias joins the battle as a Guest
Summary - A pretty tough battle at the start. Two Squires with two magic guns, two Knights with crossbows and a quick Ninja are not good to face against from a distance
Misc. Info - If Orlandeau is on your team, there will be extra dialogue. None of the enemies will crystallize when they’re killed, so kill and revive as many times as necessary to grab some of the rare equipment. Again, make sure you bring someone who can Steal

2.6 New items

Most of these are obtained via multiplayer only.

Deathbringer 20, Dark, Doom, DK only
aroundight 24, Dark, Slow, DK only
Balmung 32, Dark, Stop, DK only
Valhalla 40, Dark, KO, DK only
Moonblade 20, Haste
Onion Sword 50, ,OK only

Ras Algethi 12
Fomalhaut 18

Francisca 24
Golden Axe 30

Ninja sword
Orochi 20
Moonsilk 26

Nirvana 5, Holy, Ma+3
Dreamwalker 5, Ma+4

Stardust 5, Gravity, Ma+3
Crown Scepter 5, Ma+4

Vesper 36

Sagittarius Bow 24

Knight Sword
Durandal 26, Holy, Protect/Shell

Gae Bolg 24
Gungnir 29, Lightning

Onion Sh PEv 80 MEv 75, OK only
Reverie Sh PEv 50 MEV 25 Halves elements

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#4
Vanguard Helmet HP+150 MP+20
Onion Helmet HP+200 OK only
Acacia Gat HP+120 MP+20 Spd+2 Cancel: Confuse, Berserk, Charm
Brass Coronet HP+60 MP+100 Ma+3 Cancel: Silence

Grand Armor HP+170 Reraise, Regen
Onion Armor HP+250 Reraise, Regen, Protect, Shell, OK only
Minerva Armor HP+120 Negates Fire, Lightning, Wind, Dark, Halves Ice, Water, Earth, Holy Female only
Mirage Vest HP+120, Spd+1, Cancel: Sleep, Poison, Stone
Brave Suit HP+160, MP+40, Reraise, Regen
Sage's Robe HP+120, MP+100, Halves elements

Gaius Caligae Move+2

Brigand's Gloves Spd+1, Haste
Onion Gloves Cancel: all status conditions, OK only

Empyreal armband Spd+1, Cancel: Slow, Stop, Immobilize
Tynar Rouge Boosts Holy, Pa+3, Ma+3 Protect, Shell, Haste, Female only
Sage's Ring Boosts and absorbs elements

2.7 Multiplayer

Wireless multiplayer features are available, including a co-op challenge and versus mode.

The player starts a multiplayer battle in the Tavern submenu. Versus battles will allow players to lay traps on the battlefield for their opponents (and players will have the chance to diffuse the traps with a timed button press). The players will be able to create their own rules and restrictions before the battle.

The Co-op mode will be available from the bar as well, and will consist of a difficult set of scenes with a unique story from the main game that become available as you progress through the single player game. It will consist of battles other than “Defeat all Enemies!” missions, and may span multiple back-to-back battles.

Refer to HolyLancer9’s Multiplayer FAQ for more in-depth information regarding the battles and rewards. You can find the FAQ here:


3.Basic Game Help

3.1 Introduction to the Battle Mechanics Guide

Aerostar created the Battle Mechanics Guide for the original version of this game. It is located here:


This FAQ is considered the Bible for FFT players. Bookmark this, print it out (if you want to demolish an entire redwood forest), and memorize it. This FAQ has the answers to a majority of the questions asked on these boards. Yes, the FAQ is based on the PS1 version so the names/locations may be different. But that shouldn’t stop you from utilizing this amazing work.

3.2 JP and Job Levels

When a class is unlocked, it receives 100-199 JP. When a character performs an action in a certain class, that class (no matter what type of action you performed) gains JP. For example, if a Squire uses Item, you gain Squire JP, not Chemist.

When any ally does an action you gain one-quarter of the JP they earn (this is commonly referred to as JP Spillover). So when a Black Mage does an action, and gains 12 JP, every other active party member gains 3 JP for Black Mage, regardless of what class they are. This is a very useful tactic to increase your JP gains.

Each class (other than Mime) can reach a Job Level of 8. The main purpose of leveling jobs is to advance into more complex jobs.

3.3 Midlight’s Deep

To access the optional dungeon you need to complete the Mullonde battles and be just before the final battle. Simply go to Warjilis and the dungeon will appear.

This dungeon is unique in that the only way to advance further is to find the hidden exits (rather than defeating all the enemies). The exits are hidden and change randomly, so use this guide to find them easier:


This guide also shows you where to obtain the rare items in each map. There are 4 items in every map that are almost impossible to find elsewhere!

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#5
3.4 Saving

If the game ever prompts you to save, USE ANOTHER SAVE BLOCK You are being pitted into a series of battles that could end up too overwhelming. If your last save is within these battles and you cannot find a way to overcome, then you’re out of luck.

The series of final battles also works like this. If you save any time after entering the final dungeon you will not be able to access the world map again. This means you won’t be able to use the Clear Game Save you acquire upon finishing the game.

3.5 Learning Ultima and other spells “Blue Mage” style

This information is from the BMG:

The unit’s current job MUST coincide with the spell's job of origin. The learning unit must be a target of the spell and the spell must succeed on the learning unit, either dealing damage or adding the intended status (for status-adding attacks).

The following spells can be learned “Blue Mage” style:

Spell Name - - Class - - Chance to learn
Firaga - - Black Mage - - 30%
Blizzaja - - Black Mage - - 30%
Thundaja - - Black Mage - - 30%
Curaja - - White Mage - - 40%
Protectga - - White Mage - - 10%
Shellga - - White Mage - -10%
Hastega - - Time Mage - - 20%
Slowga - - Time Mage - - 20%
Bahamut - - Summoner - - 20%
Odin - - Summoner - - 20%
Leviathan - - Summoner - - 40%
Salamander - - Summoner - - 30%
Lich - - Summoner - - 30%
Cyclops - - Summoner - - 20%
Zodiark* - - Summoner - - 90%
Ultima* - - Squire, Game Hunter, Cleric** - - 100%

*The spells “Zodiark” and “Ultima” can only be learned in this manner
**Ramza is the only Squire class that can learn Ultima, and he can only do so in Ch. 4. Luso can only learn Ultima as a Game Hunter as early as Ch. 3. Alma (as a Guest in the final set of battles) is also able to learn Ultima

3.6 How to obtain…

3.6a Luso

Luso appears automatically on your way to Riovanes Castle in Ch. 3

3.6b Beowulf

Once you reach Ch. 4 you must travel to Goug to watch a cutscene. Then travel to and read a rumor at Gollund. Travel to Lesalia and a scene will introduce Beowulf. Agree to take him with you and he will join the party as a Guest. Return to Gollund in order to fight a sequence of 4 battles, one of which is a boss battle. Finish these battles and Beowulf will join your party.

If you decline his offer to join you will NOT be able to obtain Beowulf, nor will you be able to recruit anyone else found in the Cloud sidequests!

3.6c Reis (Dragon)

Participate in the Beowulf battles mentioned earlier and your final objective will be to protect Reis. Finish the battle and you’ll gain her.

3.6d Construct 8

Return to Goug after recruiting Reis to view a cutscene introducing Construct 8. He will join afterwards.

3.6e Reis (Human)

Complete the previously mentioned character recruitments. When Sal Ghidos becomes available buy a flower from the Flower Girl. Return to Goug and then make your way back to Zeltennia. Listen to the rumor about the cursed island and a battlefield will open up just north of the town. After the battle you obtain a new Zodiac Stone. Try to move on the world map and a cutscene will begin in which the dragon Reis is transformed back into her original state.

3.6f Balthier

After the Bervenia read the “Rash of Thefts” rumor in Gollund then travel to Dorter to listen to the “Call of Guards” rumor. Attempt to leave the city and you will be forced into a battle (and you’ll also view a cutscene). Win this battle and Balthier will join you.

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#6
3.6g Cloud

After turning Reis into her human form, return to Goug. You will use the Zodiac Stone to summon Cloud, who promptly runs away. Chase him to Zeltennia where you will fight alongside him (he’s a Guest). Win the battle and he will join your party.

3.6h Byblos

At the final level of the Midlight’s Deep optional dungeon you will be aided by a Byblos monster. He is a Guest and will join your party upon finishing the battle.

3.7 Special Random Battles

During the course of the game you can run into any number of “special” random battles. These usually contain a large amount of adversaries or a group of extremely tough and/or rare monsters. The only way to trigger these is to (in Ch. 4) walk across the location from a specific direction (noted in parenthesis). The special encounters in FFT WotL includes the following:

*There is a chance that any of the below will have "Guest" status.

Mandalia Plains (from Brigand's Den)
Red Dragon, Blue Dragonx3, Dragonx4

Fovoham Windflats (from Ziekden Fortress)
Knightx2, Black Mage, Time Magex2

Siedge Weald (from Dorter)
Archerx2, Time Mage, Summoner, Geomancer

Mount Bervenia (from Riovanes Castle)
Revenant, Goblin, Black Goblin, Chocobo, Behemoth King

Zeklaus Desert (from Dorter)
Minotaur, Knight

Lenalian Plateau (from Gariland)

Tchigolith Fenlands (from Goug)
Knightx2, Archerx2, Monk

The Yuguewood (from Yardrow)

Araguay Woods (from Dorter)

Grogh Heights (from Lesalia)

Beddha Sandwaste (from Bervenia)
Summonerx2, Archerx2, Geomancer

Zeirchele Falls (from Fort Besselat)
Mystic, Time Magex2

Dorvaulder Marsh (from Fort Besselat)
Squirex3, Minotaur, Red Chocobo

Balias Tor (from Zaland)
Chocobo, Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Dark Behemoth, Hydra, Greater Hydra,
Behemoth King

Dugeura Pass (from Grogh Heights)
Archer, Monk, Time Magex2

Balias Swale (from Golgollada Gallows)
Chocobo, Black Chocobo, Tiamat, Malboro

Finnath Creek (from Zeltennia Castle)
Piscodaemon, Behemothx5, Wisenkinx3

Lake Poescas (from Mount Germinas)
White Mage, Black Magex2, Time Mage, Summoner

Mount Germinas (from Sal Ghidos)
Chemistx3, Oratorx2

3.8 Job Growth Charts

Go here for a compilation of stat growth information:


4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 How many units can we have?

You can have up to 24 units in your party.

4.2 Why can’t I steal the Genji equipment from Elmdore?

Elmdore now has Safeguard innately equipped. This means you are no longer allowed to steal from him (or break his equipment, etc.). There’s nothing you can do about it. You can however obtain the Genji equipment from multiplayer battles, as well as Genji Armor and the Masamune from a new Lionel battle.

4.3 Are there any glitches in the game?

JP Scroll - Has been fixed and does not work
Weapon Duplication - Has been fixed and does not work
Crystal Glitch - This is NOT a glitch. You were never meant to choose one ability from a crystal. You gain every one on the list
Proposition Glitch - Still exists. If you send units on an Errand and finish a chapter before they return you will lose them forever. They’ll still be in your party menu screen but will no longer be found at the respective town. So try and finish Errands as soon as you can if you’re unsure when a chapter will end

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#7
4.4 Are skill quotes still in the game?

No. They were taken out for some reason, be it translation, space or time

4.5 What missables are in the game?

The following are rare/unique items that can only be found in limited quantities or otherwise permanently missable

(MD) = Midlight’s Deep (formerly Deep Dungeon)

Cloud, Beowulf, Reis, Construct 7: Do NOT get rid of Mustadio or you cannot get any of these. Also, pay the flower girl the 1 Gil for a flower or else you cannot get these characters as well. All of these cannot be obtained till chapter 4. There are separate guides for obtaining these characters.

Ultima: Change Ramza or Luso into their base class. Get one of the assassins to cast it on them or an Ultima Demon (ideal place to learn it: before entering Limberry Castle in Chapter 4)

Zodiark: Change any character into a Summoner and survive being hit by it at Terminus, last floor of Midlight's Deep (cast by Serpentaurius)

Tynar Rouge: (Accessory: +3 ATK +3 M. ATK Equip: Protect, Shell, Haste Female Only)
Requires: Chapter 4, Lavian, Alicia, Mustadio, Agrias, 500,000 gil, and landing on a city on Cancer 1

Invisibility Cloak: (Accessory: +35 P. Evasion Equip: Invisibility)
Treasure Hunt in Mount Germinas

Genji Armor: (Heavy Armor: +150 HP)
Reward for completing the new Beowulf and Reis battles

Ninja Gear: (Clothes: +20 HP +2 Sp.)
One can be stolen from the new battle at Brigands' Den. The second is found via Treasure Hunt in The Palings (MD).

Mirage Vest: (Clothes: +120 HP +1 sp. Immune: Stone Poison Sleep)
Balthier comes with it.

Escutcheon II: (Shield: +75 PE +50 ME)
Treasure Hunt in Nelveska Temple

Javelin II: (Spear: 30 WP 10 WE 2-Hands)
Treasure Hunt in Nelveska Temple

Venetian Shield: (Shield: +50 PE +25 ME Halve: Fire Ice Lightning)
There are two in the game. One can be stolen from the knight at the new Brigands' Den battle. The second is a Treasure Hunt from The Interstice (MD).

Kaiser Shield: (Shield: +45 PE +20 ME Boost: Fire Ice Lightning)
There are two in the game. One can be stolen from the knight at the new Brigands' Den battle. The second is a Treasure Hunt from The Catacombs (MD).

Materia Blade: (Sword: Allows Cloud to use his Limit abilities)
Found at Mount Bervenia via Treasure Hunt.

Cursed Ring: (Accessory: +1 ATK +1 M. ATK +1 Sp. Equip: Undead Immune: Invitation)
Treasure Hunt from Interstice(MD).

Faith Rod: (Rod: 5 WP 20 WE Equip: Faith Add: Faith)
Treasure Hunt from The Catacombs (MD).

Grand Helmet: (Heavy Helmet: +150 HP Immune: Sleep Darkness)
Treasure Hunt from The Interstice (MD).

Zeus Mace: (Staff: +6 WP +15 WE +2 ATK +1 M. ATK)
There are two in the game. One is a reward from the new Beowulf/Reis Battle. The second is found via Treasure Hunt from The Hollow (MD).

Maximillan: (Heavy Armor: +200 HP)
Treasure Hunt from The Interstice (MD).

Perseus Bow: (Bow: +16 WP)
Treasure Hunt from VOYAGE (MD).

Robe of Lords: (Robe: +100 HP +80 MP +2 ATK +1 M. ATK Equip: Protect Shell)
Treasure Hunt from VOYAGE (MD).

Sage Staff: (Staff: 7 WP 15 WE)
Treasure Hunt from The Switchback (MD).

Ras Algethi: (Gun: 12 WP 5 WE)
Balthier comes equipped with one.

Meliadoul is required to take part in the new battle with Cletienne. Agrias is required to take part in the new Brigand’s Den battle. Beowulf and Reis (Human form) are required to take part in the new Lionel battles.

4.6 How do we get the new items?

Aside from a few of the new items they can only be obtained in multiplayer.

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#8
4.7 How do you soft reset?

You can’t. The next best thing is to use the Home key on your PSP.

4.8 How do I unlock more job classes?

Archer - Squire (2)
Arithmetician - White Mage(5), Black Mage (5), Mystic (4), Time Mage (4).
Bard - Summoner (5), Orator (5) (Male only)
Black Mage - Chemist (2)
Chemist – already unlocked
Dancer - Dragoon (5), Geomancer (5) (Female only)
Dark Knight - Completely master Knight and Black Mage, kill (crystallize) 20 units, and Dragoon (8), Ninja (8), Geomancer (8), Samurai (8)
Dragoon - Thief (4)
Geomancer - Monk (4)
Knight - Squire (2)
Mime - Squire (8), Chemist (8), Geomancer(5), Dragoon(5), Orator(5), Summoner(5)
Monk - Knight (3)
Mystic - White Mage (3)
Ninja – Thief (5), Archer (4), Geomancer (2)
Onion Knight - Squire (6) Chemist (6)
Orator - Mystic (3)
Samurai - Monk (5), Knight (4), Dragoon (2)
Squire – already unlocked
Summoner - Time Mage (3)
Thief - Archer (3)
Time Mage - Black Mage (3)
White Mage – Chemist (2)

4.9 Is there a New Game+? What’s a “clear game save”?

No, there is no New Game+ option in this game. However, upon completion the game creates a “clear game save”. This allows you to (on your save file) to partake in the final multiplayer missions. This means that you must have a save outside of Orbonne Monastery

4.10 One of my characters died. How do I get them back?

If they turned into a crystal or treasure chest you lost them forever. You can reset the game and start over from your last save

4.11 Is Cloud in this game?


4.12 How can I replay cutscenes?

Accessed through the main menu, you can replay cutscenes (both animated and normal) via the Chronicles menu (press triangle). You can end the cutscenes during replay by pressing Start.

4.13 Does the English version still have slowdown?

All versions of this game have slowdown and there is no way to correct/fix it.

4.14 Can we play online?

Multiplayer is local wireless network. However, with the use of wireless internet and a program such as xlink kai, you can turn basic wireless into fully functional online. Use Google to search for xlink kai.

4.15 Where does this game fit in the Ivalice Timeline?


This is the most commonly accepted timeline:

FFTA* –> FFXII –> FFXII:RW –> FFTA2** –> FFT –> Vagrant Story -> FFTA* -> FFTA2**

*The beginning of FFTA takes place in a modern Ivalice setting, but the bulk of the game takes place in a “fictional” Ivalice. This “fictional” Ivalice is sometime before FFXII.
** FFTA2 is confirmed as being after the events of FFXII, in the real Ivalice (but like FFTA, starts out in modern Ivalice).

4.16 What will be the next game in the Ivalice Alliance?

FFTA2 will be released this summer in North America. There is an interview saying the director of FFXII wants to remake/port Vagrant Story to the PSP. There also has been word that the teams behind these games would like to make both a sequel to FFXII:RW and a full-fledged sequel/prequel to FFXII (on a console). Keep in mind that these are all speculation/rumors at this point!

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#9
Alright, that should do it. I say final because I believe this is all we need (and all I'll be doing). If anyone in the near future wants to take it upon themselves to add on to it, by all means do so.
What troubled sleep have you known, to speak of my dreams? No matter how sweet, a dream left unrealized must fade into day - Wiegraf

User Info: omniarc

9 years ago#10
Not bad it pretty good, now to try and get it sticked.
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