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User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#21
The following info details the differences between the US Playstation version of FFT and the original JP version. FFT: WotL on PSP uses the JP mechanics in all cases.

US vs JP differences

Cure 3 is cheaper in FFTU. (400 JP vice 450)
Cure 4 is also cheaper (700 JP vice 800)
Raise is cheaper (180 JP vice 200)
Raise 2 is cheaper (500 JP vice 600)
Reraise is cheaper (800 JP vice 1000)
Regen is cheaper (300 JP vice 350)
Protect 2 is cheaper (500 JP vice 600)
Shell 2 is cheaper (500 JP vice 600)
Wall is cheaper (380 JP vice 400)
Esuna is cheaper (280 JP vice 300)

Fire/Ice/Bolt 3 is cheaper (480 vice 500)
Fire/Ice/Bolt 4 is cheaper (850 JP vice 900)
Flare is cheaper (900 JP vice 1000)

Hastega is cheaper (550 JP vice 600)
Slowga is cheaper (520 JP vice 600)
Stop is cheaper (330 JP vice 350)
Demi 2 CTR is 9 in FFTU, 10 in FFTJ.
Meteor costs 60 MP and CTR is 13 in FFTU, 40 MP and CTR is 20 in FFTJ.
[should be 60Q vs. 40Q, not MP]
Quick is cheaper (800 vice 900)

Dispel Magic is cheaper (700 vice 800 JP)
Petrify CTR is 9 in FFTU, 10 in FFTJ.
Petrify is cheaper (580 vice 600 JP)

Moogle is stronger and quicker in FFTU (Q = 12, CTR 2) than in FFTJ (Q = 10, CTR 3)
Shiva, Ramuh, and Ifrit are stronger and quicker in FFTU (Q = 24, CTR 4) than in FFTJ (Q = 20, CTR 7)
Titan is stronger and quicker in FFTU (Q = 28, CTR 5) than in FFTJ (Q = 22, CTR 10)
Golem is quicker in FFTU (CTR 3 vice CTR 4)
Carbuncle is quicker in FFTU (CTR 4 vice CTR 5)
Bahamut is stronger and quicker in FFTU (Q = 46, CTR 10) than FFTJ (Q = 42, CTR 15)
Bahamut is way cheaper in FFTU (1200 JP vice 1600)
Odin FFTU (Q = 40, CTR 9) FFTJ (Q = 36, CTR 13)
Leviathan FFTU Q = 38, CTR = 9; FFTJ Q = 34, CTR = 13
Salamander same as Levi
Leviathan costs 850 JP in FFTU, 860 in FFTJ
Salamander costs 820 JP in FFTU, 860 in FFTJ
Sylph is quicker in FFTU (5 CTR vice 7 CTR)
Fairy FFTU Q = 24, CTR = 4; FFTJ Q = 20, CTR = 7
Lich is quicker in FFTU (9 vice 10 CTR)
Cyclops FFTU Q = 50, CTR = 9; FFTJ Q = 44, CTR = 12
Zodiac FFTU Q = 96, CTR = 10; FFTJ Q = 90 CTR = 17

Koutetsu costs 180 JP in FFTU, 200 in FFTJ
Bizen Boat is cheaper (260 JP vice 300)
So is Murasame (340 vice 400)
Heaven's Cloud 420 vice 500
Kiyomori 500 vice 600 (see a pattern here?)
Muramasa 580 vice 700
Kikuichimoji 660 vice 800
Masamune 740 vice 900
Chirijiraden 820 vice 1000

Braver is stronger in FFTU (Q = 12 vice 8)
Cross-slash is stronger in FFTU (Q = 22 vice 12)
Meteorain is stronger in FFTU (Q = 26 vice 20)
Omnislash is stronger in FFTU (Q = 40 vice 30)
Cherry Blossom is stronger in FFTU (Q = 60 vice 42)
Climhazzard is cheaper (450 JP vice 500)
Meteorain is cheaper (560 vice 600)
Finish Touch 670 vice 700
Omnislash 900 vice 1200
Cherry Blossom 1200 vice *2500* JP!!!

Level Jump 3 is cheaper (300 JP vice 350 JP)
So is Level Jump 4 (450 vice 550)
Level Jump 5 (600 vice 800)
Level Jump 8 (900 vice 1100)
Vertical Jump3 (200 vice 250)
Vertical Jump4 (300, 400)
Vertical Jump5 (400, 550)
Vertical Jump6 (500, 700)
Vertical Jump7 (600, 1000)
Vertical Jump8 (900, 1500)

Charge+10 (600, 700)
Charge+20 (1000, 1200)

A Save (550, 600)
MA Save (450, 500)
Speed Save (800, 900)
Sunken State (900, 1000)
Dragon Spirit (560, 600)
Brave Up (500, 700)
Faith Up (500, 700)
Critical Quick (700, 800)
Hamedo (1200, 1300)
Equip Gun (750, 800)
Half MP (900, 1000)
Gained Jp-UP (200, 250)
Train (450, 500)
Two Swords (900, 1000)
Short Charge (800, 1000)
Move+2 (520, 560)
Jump+2 (480, 500)
Move-Get Jp (360, 400)
Teleport (600, 650)
Fly (1200, **5000**!!!)
Silent Walk (700, 800)

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#22
Continued . . .

01-03 - UberSquire Ramza
Base stats are better in FFTU.
HP = 7D/78
Spd = 6B/64
PA = 6F/6E
MA = 66/64

C-PA is also better
C-PA = 31/32

04 - Squire Delita
Base stats are superior in FFTU.
HP = 82/78
PA = 78/6E

05 - Holy Knight Delita
HP is better in FFTU.
HP = 87/82

15 - Astrologist
Base stats are superior in FFTU.
HP = 8C/6C
Spd = 7D/78
MA = 82/7D

18 - Arc Knight Elmdor
Elmdor is weaker in FFTU.
Has Maintenance in FFTJ, thus preventing the stealing of Genji equips.
HP = B4/BE
Spd = 78/7D
C-PA = 28/27

20 - White Knight Wiegraf (Death Corps)
Wiegraf is weaker in FFTU.
HP = 8C/96
PA = 74/78

28 - White Knight Wiegraf (Shrine Knights)
Wiegraf is ridiculously weaker in FFTU.
HP = A5/C8
Spd = 6E/8C
PA = 78/7D
MA = 5F/64

32 - Soldier
Cloud is superior in FFTU.
MP = 74/64
C-PA = 2A/32
PA = 7B/6E
C-MA = 2E/32
MA = 78/64

3C - Warlock
Velius has less HP in FFTU.
HP = 50/5A

43 - Impure King
FFTU Queklain is much weaker than FFTJ Queklain.
HP = 32/41
Spd = 82/8A
MA = 82/96

49 - Arch Angel
Altima the 2nd has less speed and PA.
Spd = 5F/64
C-PA = 26/24

For a list of the US mechanics for comparison (and to check things that are not different between the two versions), go to Aerostar's Battle Mechanics Guide, sometimes known as the FFT Bible:


It's not completely free of errors, but they are few and far between. This is the single best resource for FFT that you will ever read.

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#23
This is an older boilerplate made for the PSX version, so some of the names are different, but the info is all valid.

Rare Battles Overview
Rare battles occur primarily (possibly only) in Chapter 4, and some are not available until after certain plot events. Each random battle map has one. Once a given battle is available, it has a 20% chance of occurring when you enter a random battle at that map from a specific direction.

The rare battles at the following locations are unremarkable: Dolbodar Swamp, Fovoham Plains, Sweegy Woods, Bervenia Volcano, Zigolis Swamp (chance for a female Lancer), Zirekile Falls, Finath River, Bed Desert, Doguola Pass, Poeskas Lake, Deep Dungeon (at TIGER).

This boilerplate text was originally compiled by AquaHaute, using information from Goryus' Battle List FAQ. Thanks also to KeeperS, Ness26, and chessjerk for confirming things for me.


Interesting Rare Battles

Zeklaus Desert
Units: 1 male Knight as a guest, 1 enemy Minitaurus
Entrance: Enter from the south (Dorter Trade City).
Notes: Both units are about 10-15 levels higher than your highest-level unit.

Lenalia Plateau
Units: 5 Calculators
Entrance: Enter from the south (Magic City Gariland).
Notes: One Calculator will always be male; the other four have an equal chance to be male or female.

Bariaus Hill
Units: 8 to 9 enemy monsters; up to 2 guest monsters
Entrance: Enter from the north (Zaland Fort City).
Notes: This is the Super Monster Battle, sometimes referred to on the board as the SMB. Among the enemies, there will always be one each of Behemoth, King Behemoth, Dark Behemoth, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Hyudra, and Hydra. There is a 67% chance that there will be an enemy chocobo (either yellow or red). You also get anywhere from zero to two guests. One guest is either a Black Chocobo or a Red Dragon; the other is either a King Behemoth or a Hydra.

Yuguo Woods
Units: 7 male Samurai
Entrance: Enter from the east (Yardow Fort City).
Notes: Always seven, always male.

Grog Hill
Units: 11 male Monks
Entrance: Enter from the south (Lesalia Imperial Capital).
Notes: Always male. Always eleven, NEVER eight million.

Bariaus Valley
Units: 5 monsters, two of which have a 50% chance of being Tiamats
Entrance: Enter from the south (Golgorand Execution Site).
Notes: This is the only random battle in the game, outside of the Deep Dungeon, where you can fight a Tiamat.

Araguay Woods
Units: 4 to 6 Ninjas, mixture of male and female
Entrance: Enter from the west (Dorter Trade City)
Notes: One Ninja will always be female; two will always be male. The fourth can be either male (67% chance) or female (33% chance), and the optional fifth and sixth Ninjas are always male.

Germinas Peak
Units: 3 Chemists, 2 Mediators
Entrance: Enter from the North (Zarghidas Trade City).
Notes: Accessible only after beating the fights at Limberry Castle. Each of the five units has an equal chance to be male or female. You can get the magic guns and Stone Gun here by stealing or inviting, but it will HURT. The Mediators will always have buyable guns. The Chemists are where the good stuff is - if a male Chemist is in the back of their formation, he will carry a Stone Gun, and female Chemists always carry magic guns.

Mandalia Plains
Units: 1 to 8 dragons
Entrance: Enter from the south (Thieves' Fort).
Notes: There will always be one Red Dragon. There can also be up to three Blue Dragons and up to four Green Dragons.

Zirekile Falls
Units: 3, you may see Wizards, Time Mages, Oracles, or Summoners, usually a mix of them, but always 3 units
Entrance: East (from Bethla Garrison)
Notes: Sometimes these high-level spellcasters are 30 levels above your highest levelled unit. Great for increasing levels quickly.

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#24
Quick Answer

Quick is a status effect of sorts that gives you the next active turn. Quick status can be gained by having the spell 'Quick' successfully cast on you or by having the reaction ability 'Critical Quick' triggered. The triggering of Critical Quick occurs when the unit with the ability equipped receives damage that leaves them with under 20% of their max HP.

While Critical Quick might not seem that great there are situations when it is the best reaction ability in the game. For a more reliant way to gain Quick, learn it for 800 JP from the Time Mage skill set. Quick costs 24 MP which might be a little costly but has decent speed (25) and a decent formula (targetsfaith*castersfaith*(MA+140)). Rig some zodiac compatibility between your group and Quick can be very reliable and fun to use.

Quick can be reflected (though not Math Skilled) but the most interesting thing about it is that it can be Counter Magicked! Seriously that exclamation point isn't one of the fake ones that should be a period, I actually used to get giddy when considering this. Look at the spells that can be Counter Magicked:

- All Black Magic except Fire 4, Ice 4, and Bolt 4
- Holy, Dark Holy
- Yin-Yang Magic except Pray Faith and Doubt Faith
- Slow, Slow 2, Don't Move, Quick, Stop, Demi, Demi 2, Meteor
- Bio, Bio 2, Bio 3
- Melt, Tornado, Quake
- Attacks from the Blaze Gun, Glacier Gun, and Blast Gun

So just how does Quick fit into all this? With the proper setup you can orchestrate a near-endless chain of Quicks within your team (sometimes referred to as The Quickening), acting and acting while almost no in-game time passes and the enemy sits there staring at your chain of constant action.

Ramza: "Restore lost time in a spiral line! Quick!"

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#25
Randodamage Weapons

Certain types of weapons, namely bags, axes, and flails, deal random amounts of damage per attack. The base damage is equal to the weapon's attack power (WP) times a random number between 1 and the equipping unit's physical attack (PA), or WP * [1..PA]. The damage shown when you target another unit with a randodamage weapon attack is the predicted, or average, damage with the weapon, which would be WP * [1..PA] * 1/2. In comparison, most weapons use a flat WP * PA formula.

Thus, randodamage weapons are, on average, half as powerful as normal weapons with the same WP. However, they tend to have a slightly higher WP than other types of weapons to partly compensate for this, and this can be exploited somewhat. For example, Jump, Throw, and special swordskills such as Holy Sword make use of the full WP of the weapon, with no random attenuation component added in. Axes and flails thus tend to make the best powerful, buyable throwing weapons. Battle Skill also benefits from high WP weapons, and several bags have additional effects like Speed +1 that may make them worth looking into.

Special swordskills may be used with non-sword weapons by putting a sword in the bottom hand and the alternate weapon in the top hand. The resulting swordskill will use the alternate weapon's WP and element. Ninjas with Equip Sword and special knight classes with Two Swords can use this technique to use swordskills with flails for improved damage, though in the latter case, the unit may be better off simply equipping the Attack Up support.

Ramza: Restore lost damage in a uniform statistical distribution! Randodamage!

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#26
And finally, a couple boilerplates that I wrote, starting with the newbie tips:

High Faith helps casters. It also makes magic more effective when you're the target, so if you plan on using White Mages, make sure everyone you use has at least moderate Faith. Mages should have high Faith.

Bravery determines the % chance that your Reaction ability will trigger and raises the damage you deal with barehanded, katana, and knight sword (not regular sword) attacks. Everyone should have high Bravery unless you use Treasure Hunter, in which case only one unit should have TH and they should have low Bravery.

To raise these values, you need an Orator (White Mage unlocks Mystic which unlocks Orator). For every 4 points gained or lost in battle, one point is permanent. A unit with over 84 Faith or under 16 Bravery will make annoying Desertion Threats, but they won't actually leave until they have 95 Fa or 6 Br.

PA is Physical Attack; MA is Magic Attack; both are more important than HP. Since the Optimize Equipment option ignores these factors, you should never use it.

If your PA is higher than the weapon's Weapon Power (WP) and the unit has moderate to high Bravery, the unit will probably do more damage barehanded.

Axes, Flails, and Bags do random damage. Despite their higher WP, they will usually do less damage with regular attacks.

The Select button is your best friend! Pressing this gives you detailed info on almost everything, including monsters' elemental weaknesses, spell ranges and area of effect, ability descriptions, and more. Press Select everywhere on absolutely everything.

When selecting a spell, press left or right to see what other units will get actions before it resolves. Press Triangle on the battle map to check the AT List, and do it regularly.

If you have the patience, due the Tutorial. That thing is crammed with info.

Whenever the game prompts you to save, use a separate save slot. It does this when you enter a series of battles that you cannot access the world map between, and one of them is the point of no return.

Finally, bows: Crossbows have straight line of fire. Longbows fire in an arc, so they can go over walls and other units. Longbow range is based on height; for every 2 points of height difference, increase or decrease the expected range by 1. Don't be surprised when enemy Archers on hills or rooftops can hit you from practically all the way across the map.

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#27

Deleveling is an advanced technique used to exceed standard stat limits. The basic idea is to level up in a job with good growth (like Mime or Ninja) and level down in a job with poor growth (Bard or Dancer). It is not necessary in any way, and will remove almost all difficulty from battles for the rest of the game.

There are two methods used for deleveling, the Mindflayer method and the Degenerator Trap method. Degenerator is widely considered the more efficient of the two.

The Mindflayer method involves Enticing a or breeding a Mindflayer, which are most easily found at Zeirchile Falls. This monster has a special ability called Level Blast, which reduces the target's level by 1. They only gain this ability when standing next to a unit with the Beastmaster Support ability.

The Degenerator method involves finding a Degenerator Trap and stepping on it repeatedly. If you give the unit Teleport, they can attempt to move well beyond their possible range, allowing them to trigger the trap on every one of their turns. Without Teleport, you have to step off on one turn and step back on in the next.

The easiest place to find and use a Degenerator Trap is Zeklaus Desert. The trap is at the bottom of the canyon, in the northeast corner. The battles here are also pretty easy.

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#28
Some of that is redundant, some of it is linked to (but may be hard to notice) Xo's topic...but otherwise, there's a lot of useful stuff in there. Thanks for getting it in (and getting it in early so it won't be overlooked).
What troubled sleep have you known, to speak of my dreams? No matter how sweet, a dream left unrealized must fade into day - Wiegraf

User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#29
I knew the Rare Battles info was redundant, but I like the boilerplate and it's more in depth. I hadn't noticed the link to the job growth thread. And of course, you can never link to the BMG too often.

Now, before I forget, the Dark Knight skill formulas:

Sanguine Sword: (WP x PA) x 0.8
Infernal Strike: (WP x PA) x 0.8
Crushing Blow: (WP+2) x PA
Abyssal Blade: 1st Row: (WP+3)*AP 2nd Row:(WP+1)*AP 3rd Row:WP*[AP/2]
Knight Sword = PA x (Brave/100)
Dark Sword = PA x (1-Faith/100)
Unholy Sacrifice: (PA x MA) + (MAX HP x 0.3)
Holy Stones don't kill people, people kill people. - Challenger

User Info: Natwaf_akidna

9 years ago#30
lawl quick answer XD
My WA2 screenshot gallery
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