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User Info: terran3999999

9 years ago#31
Woot! My boilerplate was used!(The Bravery and Faith one.)

Think we need one on how Iaido works?
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User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#32
Probably not, but here's one anyway.


Iaido (that's iaido with an i, not an L) is the skill set of the Samurai job. It was called Draw Out on PlayStation, and is often referred to as DO.

Iaido is unique in the way it works. Strangely enough, it's more like Item than anything else. Each Iaido ability shares a name with a katana. To use the abilities after you've paid the Job Points to learn them, you must have unequipped katana of the corresponding type in your inventory. After the ability resolves, there is an approximately 15% chance that the katana will break, resulting the "Rent" message above the unit's head. The unit does not have to equipped with a katana to use the ability, and an equipped katana will not be usable with Iaido to produce effects.

Most Iaido abilities are not targeted. They affect all units within two spaces of the user, and smart-target like Summons (positive effects will not target enemies and negative effects will not target allies). This means that you cannot check the projected damage with some offensive abilities.

Iaido formulas use the caster's magic attack (MA) and a fixed multiplier for each individual skill. To boost the effectiveness of Iaido on your unit, equip them with MA boosting armor and accessories. Jobs with higher MA multipliers like Black Mage or Geomancer will do more damage with Iaido than a Samurai will.

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User Info: jayman7

9 years ago#33
Cure 3 is cheaper in FFTU. (400 JP vice 450)
Cure 4 is also cheaper (700 JP vice 800)
Raise is cheaper (180 JP vice 200)
Raise 2 is cheaper (500 JP vice 600)
Reraise is cheaper (800 JP vice 1000)

Uh, "vice"?

Did you mean "vs.", or "versus"?
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User Info: johnmenglin

9 years ago#34
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Xlink Kai Guide

1) The game, this is easy enough, you probably already have this

2) A compatible wireless adapter that can use the PSP's ad-hoc signal, my recommendation is a Wifi-Max. It is the most widely used device for this type of thing and is the most supported. You can buy these things on e-bay, Amazon; I've even seen them in Wal-mart. The retail for about $35.00, and you can get them as cheap for $10.00 on e-bay.

3) The Xlink Kai software. It is basically a chat program, but what it really does is create a link between your PSP, your wireless adapter and lets you connect to other people with the same set up. Download it from their site. Just do a Google search for xlink kai, you'll find it.

4) Follow all the guides in their PSP forum and configure your PSP, the adapter drivers, and the xlink kai software, and then you should be all set up to play FFT online with people hundreds, possibly thousands of miles away from you.

Important links

The Xlink Kai PSP forums:

Compatible devices (these are all the devices that work besides the wifi-max):

Specifically the Wifi-Max setup guide:

The general Xlink Kai PSP connection guide:

ZDWLAN Utility for Windows XP (needed for the Wifi-Max)
Assuming you have the software installed correctly and configured correctly, and you have a compatible device which has been set up correctly, and you've downloaded the ZDWLAN utility, there is a process you need to go through to ensure you can connect with other players.

1) Before opening up Xlink Kai, make sure your Wifi-max's connection is enabled and your ZDWLAN utility window is open. Attempt to send out a signal for whatever activity you plan on doing. There are 4 possible options: Host Melee, Join Melee, Host Rendezvous, and Join Rendezvous. Select what you want to do so the game is "Searching for a partner."

2) On your ZDWLAN window, click the refresh button. Your PSP's SSID should be displayed under the available wireless network list now. Make sure that is highlighted and click the connect button. What this does is get your PSP's and game’s own unique signal to be used once you sign into Kai.

3) Open up Xlink Kai. If you are unsure of whether or not your PSP is configured right, beyond actually attempting to play a game you can check it under Kai's diagnostic feature. On the upper left hand corner of the Xlink Kai window should be a row of 4 icons. Click the one that looks like a magnifying glass. Then click the small folder icon below it. If it says "No consoles have been detected yet" you did something wrong. If it says "Sony PSP configured successfully" you're on the right track. If you've gotten this to work enough, you don't need to check it each time, it’s really to make sure on the first few times you know you're doing it right.

4) Okay, your PSP is configured, now what? I suggest heading over to the Final Fantasy Tactics Room. That's where you will most likely find people to play with. They recently reorganized the rooms so it might be hard to find. When you first open kai it will be in messenger mode. Click the Globe Icon in the top left corner to get into arena mode. Go to PSP > Action > Final Fantasy Tactics to reach the FFT room. You can save this room in your favorites by clicking on the star icon before you go into the room.

5) Xlink Kai can only support one active game per room. So there are a bunch of people (which there usually isn't) you can make a private arena and you and whomever you're playing with can actually get a game going.

6) In order to play a game, you need someone to act as a host, and another person to join. The person who hosts must REFRESH their Xlink Kai connection between each rendezvous mission or melee battle. You don't have to exit out of kai and configure all over again, just host whatever you're doing to where you get the "Searching for partner" message, pull up your ZDWLAN window, click refresh, and connect to your PSP's SSID again. Inform your partner when you're hosting, the typical protocol is to just say "hosting" and then they should join. The person joining does not need to refresh their connection each time.

7) If all goes according to plan your screen should say "Partner found."
Trouble Shooting:

- Occasionally if you go to refresh your ZDWLAN Utility the available network list will gray out. When this happens simply disable your Wifi-Max's connection, enable it again. When you pull up ZD, the available network list should be displayed normally again.

- Not really a method of troubleshooting... but it is a nice thing to know, and this works with windows XP, not sure about Vista, but when you click on the wireless network connection status icon in the task bar for your Wifi-Max you can check under "Activity" to see the sent and received packets. I tend to look at it when I'm about to connect with someone. When you're sending out your signal, your Sent packets should be blinking, and when you're connecting/ connected to someone both sent and received packets should be blinking or solid. If it looks like you should be connected but you're not, that means one of you is connecting with one signal and the other is using something else. Like say you're hosting melee, but they’re joining a rendezvous, it will give you 2 blinking sent/received packets, but a partner won't be found because you're using incompatible signals.
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User Info: HirumaGacho

9 years ago#38
Cure 3 is cheaper in FFTU. (400 JP vice 450)
Cure 4 is also cheaper (700 JP vice 800)
Raise is cheaper (180 JP vice 200)
Raise 2 is cheaper (500 JP vice 600)
Reraise is cheaper (800 JP vice 1000)

Uh, "vice"?

Did you mean "vs.", or "versus"?

Neither. Not only was that written by someone else, but they also used the word correctly.

vi·ce [vahy-see, -suh, vahys]
instead of; in the place of.
[Origin: 1760–70; < L: instead of, abl. of vicis (gen.; not attested in nom.) interchange, alternation]

User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#39
Apologies to vVTheColdMageVv. I just now remember the topic you posted that information in and said I'd put it in the FAQ. I knew I was missing something.

Like I said earlier, I'm just glad this information is in early in the topic's life. Thanks.
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It's cool, I tried to format it so its more FAQ friendly. as long as its here that's all that matters. and now if anyone asks, they can just be directed here.
XLink Kai Tag: vVTheColdMageVv
Games: FFT: War of the Lions, Tekken Dark Resurection PSP
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