How to defeat Wiegraf????

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User Info: karlsanada10

9 years ago#1
Hey guys...

I don't know how to defeat wiegraf in chapter 3 inside the Riovanes Castle...

Can you help me???

User Info: Jimcamx

9 years ago#2
See my topic a little lower for other strategies about Belias, but what I did was give Ramza the Regeneration reaction skill (white mage,) and lifewalker (Monk) which will heal you pretty well fully after each attack. Then constantly use the speed boosting mettle technique until you max your speed at 50, then keep using the attack boosting until you can kill him in one hit. This is when the battle gets harder though, after defeating weigraff.
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User Info: Syfa

9 years ago#3
Auto-potion, Hp restore, regenerator/lifefont are all decent abilities to consider using while fighting weigraf, chameleon robes and feather boots negate most of his skills (game thinks his swordskills are holy elemental and earthslash actually is earth elemental, so he ends up using a lot of relatively harmless skills against you).
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User Info: Kurist

9 years ago#4
Having an army of dragoons help, or at least having Ramza and another character as one. Jumping helps avoid some of the more nasty attacks. It also make Wiegraf a joke. Autopotion helps. Really not all of that hard of a fight. The next one can be far more annoying IMHO (do not undersetimate the power of the red chocobo for the next battle!).

User Info: CzarLucifer

9 years ago#5
MY ULTIMATE STRADAGY FOR NOOBS ( regardless what level you are. )

1 - Make Ramza ninja with Mettle skills ( focus and tailwind ) + at least 6 Movement
2 - Play cat and mouse with Wiegraf using TAILWIND
3 - Once you reach speed of at least 40 you'll get 3 - 4 turns before him.
4 - Spam FOCUS till whatever desire you wish to bash his face in with.. ( i did 50 :D )
5 - Hit him.

6 - When belias comes out your Ramza will go at least 5 turns before him.
7 - Hit him also.

And that is how i did that match with my ramza at level 15.
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User Info: John_Daker

9 years ago#6
I did it an easy way -- Steal Weapon his sword and then he can't use Sword Techniques on you.

User Info: gatorboy14

9 years ago#7
John_Daker u lie
Wiegraf has safeguard
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User Info: shinndynasty

9 years ago#8
wat i did was i use first strike and use dual wield whn he hits u the first time i go near him and used crushing blow thn he will thn use normal phy atts on u thn u will use ur first strike and take him down easily

User Info: dark_vendetta

9 years ago#9
you could easily beat weigraf with a BM that has the floating boots and chameleon robe on. Just get a fire/thunder/ice rod equiped and cast firaga/thundaga/blizzaga or anything stronger. he may start first, but he wont reach u and he wont attack u with holy sword or earth slash. You should be able to drop his health low enough for the battle to end, i did it with my BM ramza casting thundaga dealing 287 dmg and won the battle instantly. In just 1 turn. No problem, not even time wasting like spamming tailwind and focus, or waiting to get first strike.
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