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User Info: abdelmessih101

8 years ago#1
I guess I understand why Iaido is based on MA, but then why do Samurai have only mediocre active MA and horrible MA growth? That and they have a lot of useless MP as well. Does anyone actually use Samurai for Iaido after they've learned all of its abilities, because you could make Iaido much more effective by switching to any mage, so I'm just wondering.

User Info: point09micron

8 years ago#2
Actually all generic jobs except for Mime have the same MA growth. I presume the reason that Samurais were given a middling MA multiplier was so that they wouldn't be terribly overpowered. Traditionally, Final Fantasy Samurais are one of the strongest physical classes (see FF5, 6-Cyan, 7-Cloud, 10-Auron, 11), which is also the case in FFT (third-best PA growth, second-best PA multiplier). Limiting their MA to restrict Iaido damage keeps them from being overpowered.

User Info: DarkSerge02

8 years ago#3

Cyan is arguably the worst character in the game -- not that it really detracts from your point but wanted to point it out anyway.
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8 years ago#4

Cyan is arguably the worst character in the game -- not that it really detracts from your point but wanted to point it out anyway.

This EXACTLY trust me I am a vet of the FF6 boards and I know hoe bad he is...
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User Info: hauntbot

8 years ago#5
well, I dont think point 09 meant over-all use wise, but rather "raw physical strength" wise, in which situation cyan is one of the best. sure hes terrible over-all; but samurais in ff5 arent really anything to brag about either over-all.

but yeah, samurai are pretty much garbage in this; their low hp just seals the deal.

they may be "pretty close" to the top in physical power, but when you stand back and analyze them, the only job worth using as a magic-melee hybrid is the geomancer. for raw physical characters pretty much every other knight-string job, and even lancers and ninja, come off better than them.

I'd only choose samurai over....squire & archer for my physical job needs. heck, I'd even choose theif over a samurai due to the speed. thieves actually make pretty good use of jump; they just dont really bear mention because their ability with it is entirely eclipsed by ninjas. same can be said of thieves with brawler & martial arts.

samurais were set up as a "middle ground" job, but are pretty much worse than geomancers in any way that matters, making them a pointless class post-mastery, right in line after the arithmetician...
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User Info: hauntbot

8 years ago#6
I'd also dispute the whole "cloud= 7's samurai job thing, but I dont really care enough to, nor is this the place to do so....

I will say that cloud only gets one actual katana in the whole game, though. he also gets one baseball bat with a bunch of nails in it. would that make him the "thug" class too?

and if it does sound like im being a bit harsh, I do hold point 09 in the utmost respect normally. just not sure I agree with this point. sorta like the lancer versus ninja thing.
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User Info: Syfa

8 years ago#7
I believe that taken as a "class" the features of the samurai more than benefit for their drawbacks.

Two-Hands doubles their already impressive sword strength when using the attack command, putting it on par or shooting it far above knight swords, blade-grasp makes up for lack of shields, Iaido gives you a good chunk of buffing power, their stats aside from hp/speed are above average.

I think that they're a good class and use their skillset well, however their skillset can be put to better use on a different class.

And I disagree with cloud being a "samurai" in ff7, the entire system was designed so your characters were completely mutable, the only things unable to truly be changed were your limit breaks and initial stat growth, enemies could be morphed into power/speed/ect sources so your initial growth wasn't truly that important.

Cloud was no more a Samurai than Squall was.
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User Info: hauntbot

8 years ago#8
I never said they fared poorly in a single class challenge. if this game lacked the customization options it has, they would be a great class for their abilities, the spirit of the whole system, in a sense(abilites >>>>stats, particularly level based growth and to a lesser extent class modifiers, even)

but as is, with carriers and such, they're one of many poor actual options, despite the fact that they have so many great abilities.

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At least he was tasty; and I'm still not sorry for eating him.

User Info: terran3999999

8 years ago#9
It probably seemed all cool and shiny on paper but in execution it sucked ass. Much like the Junction System.

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Samurai sucked ass in V too. Auron is a badass, it didn't matter if he was a Samurai or not, its his I don't give a **** attitude plus that smexy battle scar. Cloud fits the role of Knight more what with his fetish with swords and Omnislash being the closest to a piercing defense attack.
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User Info: abdelmessih101

8 years ago#10

So why did the devs make male Samurai look so cool!? :P They're almost enticing enough to use, if only for their aesthetics.

Seriously though, I guess it's for balance because I've noticed that, for the most part, jobs with the best action abilities have sub-par stats and vice-versa. Iaido is awesome but Samurai are sub-par, Ninjas are awesome but Throw is sub-par, Mimes and lvl 8 Onion Knights have the best stats in the game paired with no abilities, Arithmeticians have awesome abilities and horrible stats, etc, etc, ... to keep the game balanced.

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