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User Info: DarkKoala

8 years ago#1
So I'm trying to change out some of the sprites in the game using FFPatcher and Shishi Sprite Editor. I'm running into a wall everywhere I go, though. I've tried several solutions, but each one results in a problem I can't seem to resolve.

1. Using FFPatcher, when I try to open the ISO to patch it, I get an error message stating "File not recognized as ISO image," or something like that. I don't know why it's talking about an image...
2. Using Shishi Spirte Editor, I saw something on another forum about being able to modify sprites directly from the ISO (as opposed to ripping out the sprite files individually, as I had done for the original PSX ISO). The instructions said to go to the "ISO tab"...but I see no such tab anywhere on the program.
3. When I was doing this to the PSX version of the game, I pulled out the sprites by using a program called CD Mage and going into the "BATTLE" folder. When I used the same program on the PSP ISO, however, there was no such folder. In fact, I went through each folder, and never found anything resembling sprite files. The only thing I did find was what I assume to be the FMV sequences.

So does anyone know a solution to ANY of these problems? 'Cause I'm officially at a dead end here.

User Info: MonarchPaulos

8 years ago#2
You think you got it bad? I can't even install the right custom firmware because it sounds too illegit and have received no help whatsoever from anyone on this board about it... and to think, all I want is the Alma, Zalbag, Delita sprites... meh.
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User Info: Materia-Keeper

8 years ago#3
What version of ShiShi are you using? I have a few versions of it.

As far as the error you are getting about it not being a legitimate ISO. I got the same error and I had to actually download a different ISO for it. I'm not sure what causes it.
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User Info: DarkKoala

8 years ago#4
I think it's version 0.271. I also tried using an older version (don't remember the exact version#, but it was .1 something), but my computer stubbornly refused to even open it.

Hmm. I didn't think the ISO would be a problem, as I made it myself, but I guess I can try again from scratch...

User Info: Mega_Tyrant

8 years ago#5
Rip a fresh ISO from your UMD, dont remove the dummy files and dont compress it into a CSO.

I took a look at the version you have and IIRC that version does not yet have allow you to import the sprites directly from the UMD. Rather you have to extract the fftpack.bin from the UMD and decrypt that with FFTPatcher. The sprites will then be located inside the "BATTLE" folder.

I'd say update to a newer version of ShishiSpriteEditor. The newest version on the lioneditor website is .352 and I sugest you use that version.

you can actually get an ever newer version (ver .457) if you look around on the forums of ffhactics.
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User Info: DarkKoala

8 years ago#6
Ah, much thanks. As it turns out, my main problem with FFTPatcher was not the ISO, but rather a user error (which is to say, personal stupidity). I somehow thought that to make everything accessible, I just had to decrypt the ISO--I didn't realize I was supposed to extract the fftpack.bin. So yeah...

Anywho, I'll see if I can get my hands on the latest Shishi, as that will probably make things simpler. In the meantime, this has pretty much resolved the big issue. Thanks for the help.
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