Danm U Gafgarion

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User Info: PhantasmKH

7 years ago#1
I just cant beat the secong battle against him i tried stealing his wepons weakening his stats and alot of other things but i just cant beat him..while his team i can own but himslef another issue plz assistance

User Info: Mega_Tyrant

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: exchrystalsword

7 years ago#3
Well one thing that could make it easier is to teach ramza haste so he can get to the bridge faster, and then have your entire team gang up on gafgarion
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User Info: PhantasmKH

7 years ago#4
thats one of the things i tried aswell i was doing good but how somehow got a critical and got of a shadow blade on him and right now im at lv 19 NINETEEN

User Info: Blingya25

7 years ago#5
Well, you can make Ramza learn Teleport, and Teleport outside to help your team, then teleport back in and open the gate and PWN Gaf Gafgarion :D
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User Info: BlameGod

7 years ago#6
make your ramza a monk. chakra the crap out of yourself until you can get over there to open the gate and have everyone beat him up
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- Delita Heiral

User Info: celestial_eye

7 years ago#7
Auto-Potion will save your life in this battle. If you're rich and can afford Hi-Potions, then sell your regular Potions and recover 70 health every time you take a hit. Or, stick with regular potions and use the aforementioned Chakra spamming or some other reliable method of healing until you can open the gate.

Conversely, if you have the Archer's Adrenaline Rush ability, it may be able to help you as well.

User Info: BlameGod

7 years ago#8
Lol, celestial. You sound so advanced with your vernacular superiority.
Tis my meager lot in life.
- Delita Heiral

User Info: Efrate

7 years ago#9
List your jobs an abilities and we can give you a better idea. Breaking or stealing his sword is probably best, ideally use dual wield from a ninja with it so you get 2 chances, and boost your PA to the max. Once his sword is gone he is pretty easy. A monk with chakra, arts of war, dual wield support, critical HP restore reaction and lifefont should be easily able survive the hits. Or you could use the above set-up and just attack from behind and probably kill him in one double hit regardless of his HP or what he heals.
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User Info: pvrhye

7 years ago#10
Equip Defense + and use that blood sword you stole from him before. May need to focus a few times unless you want to fight for hours though.

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