Onion Knight?

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User Info: cutt3r777

7 years ago#1
I used to play the hell out of this game for ps1. Great game, loved it and everything. I bought this game for my psp when it first came out just thinkin it was remastered but nothing much different untill i started playing it. I liked the new translation and all and was pretty cool. I also know there are new classes they have put in it and my question is this: What good is the damn Onion knight? its damn weak and looks goofy lol. So is there a good reason to use him thats beyond what i can see or is it just like a gag? Thanks a lot for any help.
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User Info: Fallacia

7 years ago#2
Onion Knights = Throw back to the original make of Final Fantasy III for the Famicom. Since FFII and FFIII weren't released in the US (probably not outside of Japan in general) until years later, a lot of people probably didn't get the reference. When most casual fans think of Final Fantasy III, they're actually thinking of Final Fantasy VI that was released in the US as FFIII for the Super Nintendo with Terra and company.

Onion Knights in FFT

Onion Knights are extremely weak when you first get them, but become much more powerful once you get the Onion Knight class to job level 8. Unlike other jobs where the class is mastered by JP, you master the OK job by mastering the other classes. Once you master everything, that character will have the JL8 Onion Knight available. It has some of the best stats in the game. They also have the benefit of being able to equip absolutely everything, from class specific weapons to gender specific equipment along with some amazing equipment that only the Onion Knights can equip.

It's just as shame that Onion Knights have no abilities of their own, can't equip secondary skill sets, and can't even equip support, reaction, or movement abilities. That limits their use quite a bit, though their ability to equip everything can potentially make up for that in some situations. Some immortal Onion Knight setups can be pretty intimidating if you aren't expecting them, but a more balanced setup by an equally experienced player will usually be more effective. In a team of five, it might be worth having one if set up properly, but you wouldn't want a full team of them. It's just not a job that you would want even half of your team to be in a multi-player match against another human unless it's built around countering that person's team specifically.

Within the game's main story though, that's another matter entirely if you do manage to get OKs to level 8. The game's AI just doesn't usually stand up to the kind of brute force you can get from an OK. If using a more strategically built OK to rely on more than just power, that can be even more deadly and the AI rarely ever has an answer to counter it while also trying to deal with your other units.
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