Hacked save/Gafgarion question

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User Info: tzmango

6 years ago#1
I am using the Kourama save that has all the crazy unobtainable characters, and I was wondering if there is a way to not loose the hacked Gafgarion after he leaves as a guest, i didnt try using him that battle but im going to soon to see if that works, the only other thing i can ask is if someone can edit the kourama save with Gafgarion the ultima demon, Loffrey and maybe 1 or 2 other Templar knights, Ramza renamed Lucifer as a Capricorn with max jobs only, and ALL items. If this isnt possible thanks anyways but id really appreciate it if someone could edit the save or at least answer my original question. thanks

User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

6 years ago#2
im pretty sure you won't lose gaffgarion because he leaves in a unique fashion.

but i may be wrong, but i do remember this being discussed before.
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User Info: tzmango

6 years ago#3
Well the thing is I saved the game right before the Zirechile falls battle when he leaves as a guest and afterward he wasnt in my party anymore, and i did NOT use him in that battle. I noticed when you just have a hacked character thats a guest normally in your roster, during battle i think the guest takes on the stats of the one you have hacked. i havent completely confirmed this but i noticed it with delita, i have a hacked version of him and without any equipment and the guest delita had no equips as well. it was weird in the fact that it was 2 different versions of delita, the squire was the guest and my hacked one was the version in gold armor. i dunno hopefully someone can help but im about to redo the battle with gaffgarion and use my hacked one and see if he disappears.

User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

6 years ago#4
i think that was it.

if you bring gaffgarion into the battle with you, he will remain.

you will however lose your ovelia soon and you will lose your alma in ch3 and actually be stuck with the guest alma in your party >_<
Official Alma Beoulve of the Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Boards

User Info: Mundolf

6 years ago#5
Like you would know anything about Alma. Oh wait........... :P

User Info: tzmango

6 years ago#6
i tried it and he still disappeared, oddly enough though, beforehand i took the hacked gafgarion and gave him some good equips, and the guest i changed to chemist with nothing equipped, and when the battle started he was an exact clone of my gaffgarion to my dismay all down to the 9 level reduction haha but i still won and mine disappeared :( im not sure what to do but hes always been my fav character since the initial ps1 release and now that i have him i cant even keep him!!! i wish someone could even just hack my save to directly after ALL the gafgarion battles just to be safe, or just take an ultimate save request :/ oh well

User Info: holylight100

6 years ago#7
Tz, you could always just go past the battle where he leaves and then get someone to hack him back in. ^.^

User Info: SpacePirateXIII

6 years ago#8
From examining lioneditor I would assume it matters which Gafgarion you are using, there are actually two. Sprite 17 is the one who joins your party, while sprite 11 is the one who you face in battle as an enemy. I would gather that if you were using the guest one he would leave like any other guest character, such as Alma or Ovelia, while the enemy character never joins your team and is not scripted to be removed, so it should work fine. This is likely the distinction and let me know if that works out for you.

User Info: SpacePirateXIII

6 years ago#9
Sorry for the double post. tzmango after reading your last entry I am more than certain that what I said before was the issue. If you use the sprite of a character for a playable character while they are also a guest in the party you will get a duplicate of their setup on the guest. Try switching his assigned sprite from 17 to 11, as far as I know it is fully functional in the formation screen.

User Info: KrilesNo1Fan

6 years ago#10
>_> you beat me to the damn post spacepirate.

i thought about this and yes, there are 2 different gaffgarions.

too bad gaffgarion can't equip knight swords. or fell swords. >_> he's a fell knight.

i had gaffy on my team and banned him once i found this out >_>
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