FFT or FFT:WotL?

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User Info: chrnomox

6 years ago#1
So i'm a little skeptical on choosing which game I should start... Essentially they are the same game, but with the latter including additional content. Though I've heard that WotL had some lagging issues with battle animations and other complicated issues that made this remake almost abyssmal to play..

I just happen to finish TO:LUCT and I have to say it made the best out of its post-game content and delivered to me one of my most enjoyable experiences in a PSP SRPG since Jeanne D'Arc. So I was wondering what people had to say about which choice I should make in FFT or FFT:WotL as well as their input directed towards the post-game content available in both cases.

Also on a scale of 1 to 10, can I have your opinions on the level of difficulty of the game; the fun factor; replayability; and overall gameplay mechanics.

To all those who take the time to read this post and respond,

Thank you :)

User Info: Efrate

6 years ago#2
Well, there is no post game short of maybe doing the deep dungeon (midlight's deep), but thats end of the regular game. Multiplayer if you have the capabilities (A PS3 with a connect to high speed internet, but not a wireless connection) I guess could be post game, but generally once its over its over, though replayability is endless with nearly limitless options.


Difficulty: First time playing, 7/10. there are a couple of times the games throws you a curve and if you're not prepared (without guides for one you most likely won't be) it ramps drastically. Once you know the ins and out, this drops drastically.

Fun Factor: 10/10 Its a blast if you like the style (turn based strategy). Tons of customization gives you always something new to do.

Replayability: 10/10 With all the classes, challenges, and 1.3, I still play this all the friggin time.

Mechanics: 9/10 There a few glitchy abilties and whatnot, but overall it runs very smoothly, and most of the glitches are in movement abilities that you'll never use.

Story: 10/10 One of the best in gaming. Slightly marred by Engrish, but charming and deep.


Difficulty: 3/10. They add a lot of stuff that makes the game easier, and through the shock battles with the spikes are still present, overall enemies seem to have less abilities (due to higher JP costs for unlocking jobs), and you can easily trump everything with one of the new classes.

Fun Factor: 4/10. The one new class that is worthwhile is kind of fun, but horrible flaws in script, slowdown, and sound desync ruin it. If you have never played the original, you won't notice it as much, but a lot of issues mar it.

Replayability: 1/10 or 0/10. Can you multiplayer? Then I guess there is some. Too many gameplay issues make this version painful to replay.

Mechanics: 0/10 or 3/10 Horrible slowdown, sound desync, and others mar what was basically the quintessential gameplay experience compared to vanilla. If you haven't played the original you won't notice it as much, but it is still present.

Story: 0/10 or 1/10. The new translation wrecks the story. Dialogue is pseudo-shakespearean and metaphor laden and just feels awkward, stiff, and does not emotionally involve you. It slow torture to your eyes.

WotL isn't as readily noticeably bad if you have never played the original, but it still falls flat on too many counts. The core game in fantastic, one of the best ever made, but this shoddy port hurt it a lot. If you dig deep you can still find it, but its such a better experience playing the original. The PSN version also runs fine on the PsP and maintains portability as well.

Get the original, you'll absolutely love it. Steer far away from this version unless you want to see a brilliant work ruined.
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User Info: chrnomox

6 years ago#3
Wow thanks for the helpful feedback, you put some good thought into it too i'm very grateful for your contribution and it seems like i'm going to pick up FFT (psx version), i was going to add another post concerning balancing issues, but you seem to have covered those questions as well.

On another note, I did play the original back in the days, but I was ran into bad luck when my save corrupted and did not put any effort into replaying it from then on.

Thanks again for all your input!

Is there anything else that would help my gaming experience with this game? like tips concerning certain classes to shot for and or missables that I may miss and regret! For all else I might as well use the search option on these forums haha


User Info: Efrate

6 years ago#4
Don't worry too much about missables. You'll get a special character in chapter 2, an engineer, keep himto unlock some sidequests. There are some items you can get only using move-find item in certain maps, Mostly the deep dungeon, but also one on germinas peak, and several at nelveskra temple, everything else can be gotten in multiples.


Answers most questions and gives you good advice. Anything else, ask on the main FFT boards. All of us there are old pros and can get you through anything. Play as you want and enjoy it, literally any combination of classes and abilities can make it through the game, so find what ya like and do it. Have issue, make a topic and we'll help.


Is the main FFT board, there are always a bunch of us around that know the game inside and out, enjoy!
That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.

User Info: elder_tony

6 years ago#5

From: Efrate | #002
Story: 10/10 One of the best in gaming. Slightly marred by Engrish, but charming and deep.
Story: 0/10 or 1/10. The new translation wrecks the story. Dialogue is pseudo-shakespearean and metaphor laden and just feels awkward, stiff, and does not emotionally involve you. It slow torture to your eyes.

FFT's story is bad regardless of translation. It teases you with what seems like a deep medieval drama, then it kicks you in the teeth by changing suddenly into a "demons stole your girlfriend" kind of plot.

So yeah, FFT's story is a mix of LUCT and Super Mario Bros, with emphasis on the latter.
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User Info: Ajescent

6 years ago#6
I completely disagree.
It's the exact same game! Just because of slowdowns (which are not that bad in my opinion) doesn't "kill" the game to "no fun" and "no replayability" that's B.S I have to disagree because there's a bit more to do this time around like Dark Knight if you are that way inclined. It basically features everything of the original and then adds some more, how can that not improve the replayability?
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User Info: AlgusBlight

6 years ago#7
Efrate's ratings are "a bit" polarizing.

Personally, I'd rate the two versions like this:

Story: the OP didn't ask for this, so let's try to keep the usual "resckrypting argument" out of this thread. The plot itself floats between dumb and ridiculous, so it's just a matter of picking your poison, really.

Difficulty: in all fairness, look elsewhere if you want a challenge. Both versions have complex mechanics that, once mastered, make the game broken beyond belief.
And by "broken" I mean "insta-cast spells that kill every enemy and heal every ally in the map".
WotL makes it all even easier by throwing at you a ridiculous class -the Dark Knight, which has some of the most laughably overpowered stuff in the game- and a couple overpowered characters -one can deal double damage with perfect accuracy with no charging time or MP cost, the other can freely boost Speed, the most abusable stat in-game- as well as boosting the special attacks of the broken character, Thundergod Cid.

Ironically, the enemy AI is very good, but it's greatly held back by the abyss between your lolbroken characters and skills and the usually pathetic enemy setups.
All in all, FFT's difficulty gets a 6 and WotL's gets a 4.

It should be said, however, that there is a patch available for the old FFT where difficulty is exponentially higher. I believe it's called "War of the Gods" but the people on the FFT board can tell you a lot more than I can.

Fun factor: high in both games, that's for sure. FFT's high point has always been its stellar gameplay, which is the main reason why many people still play it to this day. You can't go wrong with FFT, so it gets a 10.
WotL, on the other hand, has a lot of gameplay issues: slowdown, sound desync, no quick reset feature, and so on. Some are minor, some aren't. Regardless, they're still there, and Wotl's rating is going to suffer because of that...all things considered I did have fun with WotL, but I had much more fun with FFT so WotL "only" scores a 7.

Replay value: neither game has the "new game plus" feature that's so popular nowadays, which is a shame. Don't expect to find a "World tarot" system either. Once the game is over, you can either restart it, or replay the last battle(s) to your heart's content.
WotL has a very good multiplayer feature which was absent in the PS1 version, though. You can play both with and against a friend in FFT-style battles that are made even more interesting by the unique items you can win if you perform well.
Overall FFT lags behind with a 7, while WotL gets a well deserved 9 in replayability.

Mechanics: again, both versions have much to offer. Basically, you stick your guys in a class. By performing actions in battle (attacking, healing, etc.) you gain EXP and JP--EXP is for levelling up your character, while JP is for levelling up your class. You can exchange JP for skills, which can be divided in commands (magic, special attacks, and so on), reactions (automatically using a potion when hit, for example), support (permanent buffs to attack/defense or other effects) and movement. Every class has many skills to learn and equip, and you can have fun experimenting with countless setups.
WotL has two new classes, but the amount of new skills is kind of low (only one class has any skills, and they're less than 10) so their rating is mostly the same: 9.

In the end, you can see that WotL is definitely superior in the multiplayer area, while it lags behind in pretty much everything else.
If you want a great multiplayer experience, go with WotL.
If you want to have fun with an addicting battle system and incredibly high level of customization, you're better off with FFT.
Lastly, if you're in for a challenge, get FFT and the aforementioned patch.
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User Info: Arvis_Jaggamar

6 years ago#8
@ TC:

Efrate is a troll. You would do well to ignore anything he has to say about this game as he has lost all objectivity.

Basically, deciding on the two versions come down to this one question: "Do I Have Any Friends?"
The PSP remake has some really fun and addictive multiplayer features that are completely worth a purchase if you can get at least one friend to also purchase the game.
The original version has no multiplayer but is a masterpiece and still a blast to play (not to mention, significantly cheaper on PSN). It is definitely a smoother overall gameplay experience as well.

So consider that and decide.


User Info: SoBe

6 years ago#9
Efrate's ratings are "a bit" polarizing.

They are entirely accurate however. Multiplayer is the only reason to play the WotL version. Everthing else about the game is better in the original, including portabillity since you can get it from the PSN store to play on PSP.

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