Iaido + faith?

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User Info: rpg_espree

6 years ago#1
how do i make my laido attacks stronger? do i need to increase or decrease my faith? or is it something else?
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User Info: Raijinili

6 years ago#2
Search for "[3.9]" here:

This is the Battle Mechanics Guide. It has about everything known about FFT mechanics up to 2004.

Alternatively, search for "---SAMURAI---" in the walkthrough for the PSP version, and it will have the formula there: "Magick Attack x PWR"

So no, there's no faith in the formula.

User Info: Moose2001

6 years ago#3
Raising your MA.
Having the Arcane Boost or Vehemence support ability.
For any of the elemental type draw outs, having an item that boosts the element will raise the damage as well.
Zodiac compatibility is another factor.
Hitting a unit that is sleeping or a toad will raise damage as well I believe.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

User Info: Raijinili

6 years ago#4
Iaido is non-elemental, though.

Chicken, Sleeping, Frog, and Charging are statuses that increase the damage you take. I think Chicken doesn't stack with Frog.

User Info: rpg_espree

6 years ago#5
i see, i can decrease his faith and keep his laido skills at high dmg by increasing his MA stat.

thanks for the info
this is my 78th GameFaqs User name

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