Convert EU save into US

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User Info: DoctorFX

4 years ago#1
Hi guys, i tried my best to convert my save(using lioneditor) so that i could play with my friend.However,i realized i cant do that........
So if any good soul could do this for me i would be VERY thankful!!PLEEEASE!!
You can find my EU save here:

User Info: DoctorFX

4 years ago#2
UP!! Please guysss!!!!!!i need itt!

User Info: Materia-Keeper

4 years ago#3
No can do dude. They aren't interchangeable.
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User Info: DoctorFX

4 years ago#4
yes it can be done! but you need CFW 3.71 and lioneditor... i cant do it becouse my CFW is 3.50 ;)

User Info: Patriarch105

4 years ago#5
Why don't you just edit yourself a US save?
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