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User Info: BurstBear

5 years ago#1
How is it as a class? I've been kinda curious!

User Info: Syfa

5 years ago#2
Surprising amounts of utility in a rather 'meh' package. They're useful, just a lot of things are outright better.
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User Info: pvrhye

5 years ago#3
AoE sleep is pretty devastating. Threaten hurts too. Invite totally turns around a near impossible fight.

User Info: Tilmer

5 years ago#4
They're good if you need a faith or bravery boost, too, along with the above poster said

User Info: Lord ZhouYu

Lord ZhouYu
5 years ago#5
The female is drop-dead pretty, and they use guns?
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User Info: s_dubs

5 years ago#6
They're great to mess around with. I actually did a Orator only playthrough. Just Ramza and 4 Orators. Was a blast. Most battles boiled down to inviting the either inviting the entire enemy team, or mass sleeping them and picking them off one at a time. Plus once guns become available in Chapter 2 you can just pick off everything from across the field. Besides that though I usually make Ladd into one, since I like to keep one around, and I wouldn't use him otherwise.
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User Info: dragoncodi

5 years ago#7
Orater= monster tamer at least for me thats about all I use them for. They do have some handy abilities but they don't really offer much for fun overall imo.

User Info: YonKitoTaoshibe

5 years ago#8
Consider them your "tweaker" class. They can tweak anything, from the Brave and Faith of units to the outcome of a battle.
At about 5000JP to master, do it and put Talk Skill on a mage. The basic stats of Orators are very mediocre, but their skills are invaluable.
A compulsory job for Monster Breeding and the Midlight's Deep dungeon.
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