Ending WTH o-o (spoilers)

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User Info: paradebor58

5 years ago#21
I meant the good side of the power of the zodiac stone
When i said that guy was ressed.Dunt remember in which chapter it was that the sister was crying on
top of the dead body of the brother that got shot or blasted by the church guy who is the before last boss,
then with the good power of the zodiac stone he was resurected.

so yah i meant THAT good power was used to escape.

Can you give me a more clear reference on what delita does afterwards when as you say he lived.
It coulda went either way if you ask me, he can be considered good or bad, id rather good tough.

also if they indeed ALL escaped, i kinda doubt all of the other characters in the party choose to be
considered as dead and live on as ramza and alma did.
Dont you think some of them went back to get some reconigniton or something?

User Info: Efrate

5 years ago#22
Why would they do that when delita systematically murders anything that might challenge him? What purpose would showing up saying yeah I killed some demons. You were with the heretic! Guilty by assosciation! Die!

He had Cid die to the eyes of the public, so obviously he cannot show up or if he did he would be taken as insane since everyone knows Cid died. Meliadoul is the last member of the shrine knights who were also wiped out being the power in the church. Rafa and Malak were known assassins and the only people from Riovannes unaccounted for after the massacre. Agrias knew ovelia but was also heavily implicated in Draclau's death and standing orders were to kill her in ch. 2. Balthier was a known master thief for what its worth, Luso goes back to whereever as does Cloud, and Beowulf and Reis kill a Celebrant (high church official) in Bredmondt not to mention Aliste who already essentially had them pigeonholed in the public eye to be the bad guys. Ramza is Ramza. Musty was also party to the plot and wanted dead by the church on suspicion of murder of Draclau. Boco could have made it somewhere though he was rather domesticated and rereleasing might be a bad thing. Byblos and Worker8 would be assumed monstrosities and killed on site.

As for the refernece, in Vargrant Story (also part of the ivalice alliance) there is an item later which references the golden age of king heiral.
That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.

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