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User Info: jannedaarc1

4 years ago#1
I am aware of the many pitfalls about complaining about anything on the internet. I'm hoping people can offer some advice instead of just raw flaming here b/c I could use some guidance.

I've played and beaten FFT probably around 20 times including 5 different SSCCs. The latter is the only way I really play anymore just b/c I love the challenge of them.

I also was ecstatic when I heard this game would be on PSP...obviously this was a long time ago, as it would facilitate SSCC anytime anywhere and that is awesome.

Then some jackball put in impossible battles. LIKE THE DAMNABLE ALGUS REMATCH. Oh my GOD. I have 6 other SSCC totally stalled out there. I posit that some classes cannot win that fight. One of which would be the White Mage class. Others I am working on - some of them seem very doable if I level up a bit more (I am very low level in some of these) or am more patient. But others - like my Mediator and Oracle classes (I think that is the correct name for the latter)....again, I am dubious of it working.

If you have any advice or even better yet - have successfully done these, please let me know. I'm totally stuck here.

User Info: Glavewurm

4 years ago#2
You could have a backup team just for that fight or something. It might break the rules or whatever, but when it goes from challenging to frustrating maybe it's time to change it up. Though, getting a team together for 1 fight on 6 different files might be just as bad.

User Info: aerisfanboy

4 years ago#3
There's no way to solo that battle besides OHKOing Argath, which your Priest definitely can't do with his 25 Faith+Reflect Mail. You get charged by 4-5 Gigaflares by your second turn, lolz.

Kinda glad they decided to up the difficulty in this one through Argath + Rendevous missions (Thought Finath River was tough at level 75+ if you encounter 2+ Red Chcobos? Try Teioh. GUARANTEED to make you rip your hair out.)
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User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

4 years ago#4
hehe i love teioh. i contend the hardest rendezvous battle can be the rematch with elmdor, or even worse, the one with reis and beowulf. those tiamats are scary.
By: ilikeikeilikeik

User Info: jannedaarc1

4 years ago#5
I suppose I could get a backup team. Now I am flat out whining but it is a bit of a shame that somehow Squeenix didnt magically divine that I would want to do SSCC and try and make the game more accomodating (i.e. have a "play original FFT" option at the title screen).

On the flip side, I did play the first time on the PSP with my uber team of murder-ninja/monks + one dancer/calculator. Pwned everything but found the new fights (Argath) to offer a nice challenge where otherwise I was just absolutely pwning everything in about 1-3 turns at that point in the game.

User Info: Efrate

4 years ago#6
I remember a discussion we had a year or so ago about this particular battle. I think we came up with something that made it doable but its kinda silly. But I do not remember it exactly browse around.
That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.

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