What's up with the soundtrack?

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User Info: achmed1974

4 years ago#1
Even with headphones alot of the tracks don't have the...fullness,,I guess the word I am lookng for is. Things like the thunder spells, death cries and alot of the music feel like its compressed in some way or midi like. I am using good quality headphones too. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds alot worse than the PS1 version? And if so did some fan make a sound fix of some kind to restore the PS1 quality? Assuming that is even possible.

User Info: Arvis_Jaggamar

4 years ago#2
The sound on WotL is worse. Quite a bit worse with Thunder spells and death cries (especially when the Lucavi are destroyed). It's a common complaint. While annoying, it's not a dealbreaker at all, considering all the improvements.

I haven't noticed any issues with the actual soundtrack, like the music or anything, that all still sounds great. And, to quote a phrase, "dem cutscenes"...!

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User Info: Bishop_Sasarai

4 years ago#3
They messed up the SFX for the port. And didn't care to fix it.
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User Info: achmed1974

4 years ago#4
Yeah the SFX to me are a bigger complaint. Sounds like a little mouse squeak on deathcries. Just surprised me given the quality of the cutscenes they'd cheap out with proper reverb and some of the game music. I still feel this with the slowdown patch and 1.3 is the better version. Just a litttle more polish it could of been the perfect version.

User Info: Moeman_

4 years ago#5
The one thing I've noticed is that War of the Lions' sound effects don't get the benefits of the PSone's reverb. I'm not quite sure why, maybe it slipped their minds. However, it is at least a little odd considering I know a lot of other ports are capable of utilizing this reverb.
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User Info: achmed1974

4 years ago#6
Well alot of these ports I read were outsourced to third parties and Square barely paid attention to this, Lenneth and the Star Ocean games. All were sloppy and lazy in various ways.

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