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User Info: Phrofixtwo

4 years ago#1
Hello, so basically, i havent played this in forever, and just picked it up for my psp. My question is, if i spend some time grinding early on, say like right when im able to actual encounter random battles, to start unlock classes, is this bad to do? iirc the enemies level up with you? And does this include story battles as well? I pretty much just want to unlock a few classes, to set up a good starting team, but i dont want to overlevel, and get my ass handed to me early on. Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: Adashee

4 years ago#2
Don't worry about the story battles, their levels are always fixed. As from random battles, my personal advise on leveling early is to go to Siedge Weald instead of Mandalia Plain. Early in the game, chocobos are a pain to deal with since they hit harder than you can (and counter-hit), as well as heal itself and it's allies. The swamps have doesn't have chocobos often and the skeleton can be one-shot by phoenix downs. Chocobos are a non-factor later when you have better abilities, but they made me RAGE when I first played this game :/

User Info: s_dubs

4 years ago#3
Random battles always scale like your highest level character + or - a few levels. So if your highest level character is 5, the monsters will be around 4-7 or so. And this can quickly get dangerous because monster stats quickly outpace your equipment, especially early on. If you over level too much, you will find yourself fighting an uphill battle. Now granted this really only applies while your best jobs are still knights and mages with only tier 1 spells, but just beware of it is all.
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