What skills should I invest in from other classes?

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  3. What skills should I invest in from other classes?

User Info: redmangoose

4 years ago#1
Let's say I have a black mage who has a lot of SP from other classes like squire, knight, chemist, archer, etc. What kind of skills should I use them for considering that I only have so much? Should I leave most action skills untouched except for classes that they've actually been and invest in reaction/support/movement ones?

And I'm really tempted to be in one class for a long time just to attain the best skills, and hopefully have those same skills for my other teammates instead of just rushing job levels and moving onto 'better' jobs. But at the same time I feel like if I take too long, I'll be missing out on those better jobs towards the latter half of the game and as a result be inadequate for later bosses and harder fights. Opinions?

User Info: Efrate

4 years ago#2
Short answer: Use whatever, experiment, find a combination you like. That's part of the fun.

Longer answer: Depends more on playstyle. You can bum rush the enemy, use top tier offense and destroy them, play defenses and draw them a few at a time with a ton of buffs on your guys, you can inflict every status you want and make them harmless, etc etc.

Even longer answer: Try messing with the strengths and weaknesses of your unit. Black mages have massive MA, so any magical skillset works wonders on them. Try playing with Iaido, Geomancy (not totally MA based but it matters more than PA), summon, song or dance, talk skill, and other magic. Faith for all non- black, summon and white magic matters more than MA, so if you wanna try some magic on a melee unit, give a higher faith unit time or yin yang magic, see which buffs and debuffs ya like. Black mages have low HP, so an ability that gives regenerate or reduces damage (like Defense Boost from Mystic), will help it survive.

There are hundreds of combinations, try what ya like, and if ya need to know mechanically what works in which way, just ask, or better yet, read the FFT Bible.


Its for the normal version, but a little work can easily convert names. A few JP costs change but its easy enough to convert, I think Qu_Marshes FAQ has a bit of a BMG ta give a feel for it as well.
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User Info: XingHa

4 years ago#3
Shirahadori from Samurai is one great skill.

User Info: BetaSquadron

4 years ago#4
I got the most use out of JP Boost, Focus, Auto Potion, and Move +2. Focus allows you to gain JP at any time, particularly on turns where you have nothing else to do. It's also an easy way to keep your characters' levels even. Auto Potion and Move +2 are one of the best reaction and movement abilities respectively, and you can get them early.

For action skills, you definitely should know what they do and how they work. Skill damage, skill accuracy, reaction ability trigger percentage, and weapon damage are all based on different combinations of stats like PA, MA, Brave, Faith, or Speed.

Samurai damage/healing skills are based on MA and Monk damage/healing skills are based on PA, both of which might not be obvious. Their support skills though, like Kiyomori or Purification, are independent of stats, they're instant, and they cost nothing, so they can be useful for any class. Most casted spells that use MP are based on MA and Faith. Stealing percentage is based on Speed and PA. Most melee weapons use PA, bare hands use Brave and PA, and sticks use MA. Guns are independent of a character's stats. Magic gun damage however can be increased with Arcane Strength and element boosting equipment. Reaction abilities are triggered based on Brave.

It's all a bit convoluted, so that Battle Mechanics guide can be a useful resource for deciding what skills you're going to get and how you're going to use them.

User Info: longueiro12

4 years ago#5
Having a good Reaction, Support, and Movement abilities is extremely important. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

Teleport - Time Mage - Can teleport anywhere on the map, but has a chance to fail as you go farther. Makes Ignore height completely obsolete.

Shirahadori - Samurai - Makes ou evade physical attacks Brave% of the time, including bows and guns.

Dual Wield - Ninja - The secret to any physical nuker.

Concentration - Archer - The other secret to any physical nuker.

Move +3 - Bard or Dark Knight - Generally, melees are better off with move +3 than teleport.

Reflexes - Ninja - Doubles all your evasion. Couple this with a cloak for near perfect evasion to get the AI to waste turns.

Dragonheart - Lancer - Reraise on hit Brave% of the time. put this on units you simply can't lose.

Attack Boost - Geomancer - Increases your physical damage by 33%. This is better than dual wield in some cases (for jumping for example)

Swiftness - Time Mage - Shortens charge time. Good for summoners.

Auto Potion - Chemist - The bread and butter reaction skill.

First Strike - Monk - Put this on a gun user with teleport and high magic evasion.

I think this is enough.

User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#6
^You're missing Arcane Strength, some MA based skills don't require CT.

Manashield+Manacombo is another broken combo.
I found Counter awesome before I unlock Shirahadori and Reflex.
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User Info: Efrate

4 years ago#7
Attack boost does not work with jump.

Swiftness is great on any skill that has a charge time except the archer skills since it doesn't work with them. 1/2 casting time for summons is great.

Critical: Recover HP can be a lifesaver and is a great way to make some of the most difficult battles a cakewalk.
That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.

User Info: longueiro12

4 years ago#8
Efrate posted...
Attack boost does not work with jump.

I have no idea why I said jumping. I was thinking Swordskills.

User Info: Atnevon

4 years ago#9
Swiftness is a must on all magic classes.
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