Efficient JP grinding.

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User Info: ThePowerOf140

5 years ago#1
I love this game, but it's annoying that everyone is levelling up when I go to grind for JP. I know it's not a big deal, but my higher level characters are in the mid 60's, whilst the characters that I'm grinding for are in the late 50's.

I've tried to minimize the levelling, by only using one or two of the higher level characters in my party, to buff or do things that garner low xp. I use the characters that I don't mind levelling up to take care of the enemies (who are usually at a higher level due to my highest level character being lvl 65 - Reis I believe).

Is there a more efficient, and simple way to gain large amounts of JP, without over-levelling? Later, I want to recruit some generic soldiers and it would be easier for them survive on their own (as in when they reach a level that I don't have to keep a healer with them and/or guard them from enemy attacks so they don't die straight away) against lower level enemies, rather than level 99 enemies (which will surely happen if I continue gaining a minimum of 10 xp per action)

I'm on Chapter 4 and have all the secret characters that I can get at this stage - Beowulf, Reis, Cloud, Balthier and Construct 8. I've abandoned the story for now, because I want to build each of the story characters up - working towards getting Rapha to Arithmetician, and mastering the magic classes with Cloud ,at the moment.

User Info: BetaSquadron

5 years ago#2
You can use the degenerator trap in Zeklaus desert to lower your levels.

If you want JP and no exp at all, you can get a generic unit, change them to the desired class, grind JP, and the rest of your in-battle party will get 1/4 of the JP the generic unit gets without acquiring exp for them. Then you can remove the generic unit from your party if they gain too many levels. That is tedious however.

User Info: ThePowerOf140

5 years ago#3
^ Will the degenerator trap lower the levels of the enemies as my highest level party member goes down?

User Info: Yaboy125

5 years ago#4
only monsters in future battles, not the monsters you are currently fighting.

but yes.

also, if you decide to use the generics to grind jp for the rest, I grind them up til I can get the most expensive skill, and buy only that. then i kill em and grab the crystal.
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User Info: tiornys

5 years ago#5
As a much faster method than using pure spillover JP, use that low level character as a "punching bag"; that is, use actions with your other characters that only target the low level character. As long as it's at least 9 levels lower than your other characters, they'll only gain 1 XP per action.

Teach your throwaway character Steal Experience if you want to keep this up without gaining levels, and without using a degenerator trap.


User Info: PS3Dragon

5 years ago#6
The other alternative if you have a friend or an extra copy of the game is to go into Melee battles and spam the Squire ability Focus. You don't get exp in Melee battles, but you still get JP.

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