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User Info: krunchyfrogg

4 years ago#1
I like combining mystic & samurai: double handed pole attacks!

Dragoon & white Mage is cool too, since white Mage has a pretty respectable speed.

Any cool, unusual combos you like?

User Info: micgirk1

4 years ago#2
Reis as Black Mage + Iado = amazing.
SKI MASK (check) SAWN-OFF (check) GUILTY CONSCIENCE, FEAR OF DEATH (check, check, check)

User Info: Sange13

4 years ago#3
Not sure how much they qualify for "unusual," but I like this one build I use where I have a Knight base class with Martial Arts, Dual Wield, and +Move. Seems quite potent.

I also have a Black Mage with Items, Parry, Equip Shields, and Move HP Up.

Another fun one is Monk with Steal, Counter, Heavy Armor, and +Move (I really like mobility).

Forgot to add one more:
Thief with Knight abilities, Parry, Equip Shield (I love this combo), and +Move. Basically steal all their gear and debuff them into being obsolete.

User Info: crunchy612

4 years ago#4
Jumping Monk
Jumping White Mage
Jumping Archer
Jumping Ninja
Jumping Samurai
Iaido Monk
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User Info: Sange13

4 years ago#5
I like that jumping monk and jumping ninja idea...

User Info: ripstrawberry

4 years ago#6
condemn (from speechcraft) + something that blocks dead or conveys undead such as cursed ring, barette, judo outfit, angel ring, chameleon robe... but doesn't block doom = can't be targeted by the AI for 3 turns. Assassinate stuff. Increase chances w/ MA gear.

mana shield + mp recovery skill such as chakra, empowerment, infernal strike = allows me to free up the move slot for teleport but still have a way to consistently replenish mp.

earth element mantras + gaia gear + swiftness = allows me to dmg enemies + heal marach/rapha in the same turn. Gives me less chances for the mantras to miss because I already have at least 2 targets. Increase effectivity w/ MA gear.

barrage + vehemence + javelin ii = max barrage dmg. can kill 2 high hp enemies in one turn. doesn't miss. Maximize w/ PA gear. Again high speed is also nice. Haste is gravy.

monk + steal + attack boost + speed gear + vanish + teleport + tynar rouge = high steal chances. Can get past evasion by teleporting behind or getting hit to activate invisibility.

ninja + arts of war + attack boost + speed gear + vanish + teleport + tynar rouge = ultimate breaker. Can get past evasion by teleporting behind or getting hit to activate invisibility. Breaks stats and equips quickly. Females are better in this game due to TR.
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User Info: ripstrawberry

4 years ago#7
I also like my auto-poach set-up for Luso:

Time magicks (for haste, I don't have multiplayer or want to waste my 1 masamune).
Dual wield

Blood sword
Chaos blade
Thief hat
Lordly robe
Cursed ring

Cast haste on himself and have the monsters you want to poach attack him. Protect minimizes the dmg before countering while blood sword allows him to get some hp back while poaching the monster. Then on the next turn recover more hp by moving and with the regen from chaos blade. Use scream while approaching other monsters on the map to give him more turns (and more PA) to maximize lifefont/regen to keep his hp topped up.
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User Info: Lunar_Soul

4 years ago#8
Ninja with a (preferably magic) gun and tons of Speed+ equipment is fun.... unless he gets KO'd.

Also fun is to have a Ninja with Equip Swords, using a flail in the top hand slot and a normal sword in the bottom, with Holy Sword/Unyielding Blade/Swordplay/Whatever the Dark Knight's skillset is called. Kinda funny using Judgement 'Blade' with a Scorpion Tail.

Also, usng Math Skill/Arithmeticks to only cast Stop, on as many usits on the battlefield as possible(including your own). I've nicknamed it 'Stasis'. Not exactly the most effective use of Math Skill, but still fun nonetheless. Also fun to try with the Frog Black Magic spell.
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User Info: pvrhye

4 years ago#9
A chemist with Knight Skill is surprisingly useful.

User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

4 years ago#10
Rapha / Skyseer

Sky Mantra
Cup of Life

Lambrent Hat
Ninja Clothes
Sage Ring

Awesome sauce.

Awesome sauce.
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