what to do with my chemist/mystic/white mage/orator

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User Info: crawfishpoboy

4 years ago#1
So I originally intended to make this chick a dancer, thinking it had similar requirements as the bard. boy was I wrong. Now i'm not sure what to do with her.

The rest of my party is: Ramza monk, a dragoon/thief, a ninja/thief, a black mage arith.

I'm in the middle of chap 2 and have been grinding for the fun of leveling so it's a bit excessive?

User Info: Raijinili

4 years ago#2
Black Mage Arithmetician is a little excessive.

You can try to get her Dancer and then work toward Mime.

User Info: Storm_WHM

4 years ago#3
If your grinding for levels, I would stick to classes that give good growth to your character. I find leveling up in spell-caster classes doesn't add much to your overall character by the end of the game.

(Great classes for leveling.)

Knight or Dragon for HP and PA.
Ninja for PA and SPD.
Mime for HP, PA, and MA.


If you don't care about stat growth you can always use that female as a Chemist. They are great supporting characters, and don't have the height restriction that Monks have on their healing abilities. They also don't really require MA or PA to be effective.

The Knight's "Battle Skill" comes first to mind as a good secondary, as the ability to destroy your enemies Weapons, Shields, Speed, or even PA is quite useful. (Equipping Concentrate can help, as it allows your attacks to ignore evasion.)

I personally like female Chemists because of their equipment options. I would suggest equipping Blast Gun, Ribbon, Rubber Suit, and Setiemson. Most are obtained by poaching, but you have to steal or find the magic guns.
Life is hard, deal with it. Life was never meant to be easy.

User Info: gameruner

4 years ago#4
Look kid

Orators are better then calculators

Sure you can calc the whole board away with holy flare n' hot sweaty DEATH...



Orator's also talk their way outta problems. Calculators sit there writing equations like a bunch of four eyed virgins.

Case closed.

User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#5
Whatever you're doing, get rid of that Black Wiz/Arith.

At least until u finish story mode.

Otherwise, u're already done, really. u'll just cycle through Flare/Toad/Death animation many, many times until the game is over. Also, If you're playing through UMD, that animation will lag like hell.

If u don't like watching the same animation with lag over and over but like to play the game instead, there are some good options to sub in your Black Wiz.

Iaido - Damage based on MA (Black Wiz = highest MA). Can be expensive though.

Summon - Highest damage with summons. MP might become a problem, Manafont, Chakra (Martial Arts) and Halve MP can help with that.

Speechcraft - MA affects % to connect Speechcraft but in order to hit monsters with it, you'll need to equip Beast Tongue too.

General utility - Time/White Magic, Items = always useful/reliable.

Since u wanted a Dancer, u can actually sub Dance with Black Wiz too (kind of a waste but...). Equip Vanish as reaction ability, have someone else turn your Vanish on, perform Forbidden Dance until the opposition is inflicted with Toad, Slow, Stop or Sleep and proceed to nuke them out (if there is anyone left, that is). If you start with Septieme equipped, you don't have to worry about being targeted by the enemy when the battle starts (plus infinite haste and +1 MA).

Equip Axes - Because you can. Plus, Chuck Norris aproves.
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  3. what to do with my chemist/mystic/white mage/orator

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