tactics main menu/save lag?

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User Info: Joleme

4 years ago#1
I won a vita a few days ago and decided to transfer saves from my ps3 to the vita after downloading tactics from the store directly to the vita.....everything went well with the transfer as far as i know.

I went ahead and loaded tactics on the vita and went into the main menu to try to load the game and it takes a good 20 seconds to 3 minutes to get the cursor to move.... then I accidently clicked on slot 2 and the game just sat there for 3-4 minutes, then finally gave me an error message that there were no saves in there *there wasnt* so I finally got to click on slot 1 and i could scroll through all my saves with no issue, but i could not click on any of them or back out of the save menu for about 3-5 minutes.

I was then able to select a file and it took about another 1-2 minutes before I could click load.... once it loaded i could move in the game fine, move from city to city, open the game menus fine, but as soon as I go anywhere near the save function, it takes 3-5+minutes to be able to do anything and it looks like the game just locks up at times.

I have not been able to find anyone with the same issue... most people complain about the 'game lag' which doesn't really bother me much... the extra second or so of animation is negligible... but this damned 3-5minute saves stumps me.

anyone else hear about anything like this? is there a fix? any help would be appreciated.

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