Debating FFT purchase on Vita

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User Info: futballer9684

4 years ago#1
I'd like to request the help on the board members here in making my decision to buy this version of FFT for the vita.

I played the hell out of my FFT disc for the playstation, loved it so much I picked it back up multiple times over the years just to play it all over again. Now I've got a Vita and I've really enjoyed Persona 4 and Tactics Ogre LUCT. I've just about done all I can do in TO:Luct and I was thinking of replaying FFT for nostalgia purposes. My main barrier is this dreaded "Slow Down" i've read so much about. Can anyone comment on pre- and post- Vita FFT versions and how much they've enjoyed each? Maybe also point of things that they really liked and disliked about each?

I apologize in advance because i'm sure this is a common topic but I wasn't able to find the topics by search to get a clear picture. Cheers!
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User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#2
I play through the UMD on PSP 2k/3k. I don't have a Vita.

And I'm not gonna lie, the slow down is pretty bad. It doesn't ruin the experience for me - FFT is already a tactical strategy game that plays slowly and since it's turn based, it's not like we are rushed to imput commands fast anyway.

Basically, each time you're releasing a spell you've casted, the PSP reads the UMD and slows down. It's just a 1 second delay (albeit each time you cast a spell) so I really don't mind it, except...

There is, however, 1 big problem with that slow down. If you're into multiplayer (and you should, it's awesome), the slow down adds up and becomes a problem when you consider that you have to clear multiplayer missions multiple times in order to drop the exclusive equipment you want. It's worse because there is one particular mission where you have to clear 10 difficult battles in a row and if you're relying on magic it's gonna take aaaaages to get those unique equipment drops.

Truth be told, although I could have dumped my UMD and played the game directly in ISO form, I haven't bothered to do it, so it goes to show it's not bothering me to the point of taking measures.

If 1000 spell casts = 1000 seconds of lag/delay, that equals to almost 17 minutes of real time wasted in the long run so meh - not that much, really.

Otherwise, hey, it's portable Final Fantasy Tactics man, with you wherever you go.

As for the game itself, they applied some changes (actually, the original USA PSX version was dumbed down so this portable version restores the original japanese game mechanics), most notably making Summons slower (longer cast time). Doesn't change that much and they still work fine (the ability to cut cast time is the same).

Excluding multiplayer, new additions include: brand new translation of the whole game (better in some ways, worst in others but explains the story better), nice CG story animations, 2 new unique characters: Luso from FFT advance 2 and Balthier from FFXII, and 2 new classes: Onion Knight (novelty class, doesn't use any abilities but can equip anything plus they have exclusive overpowered equipment through multiplayer missions) and finally, the overpowered Dark Knight (exactly what ppl wanted all those years back: Night Sword available for player abuse).

After finishing the story line, provided you still have the needed characters (including Lavian and Alicia) and there is also a small quest/event where Mustadio gives Agrias a lip stick, basically the best accessory in the game (female only).

User Info: styrrr

4 years ago#3
The problem with multiplayer is that unless you have a friend you know you can play with, finding someone is very, very hard.

And Dark Knight is very fun, albeit overpowered - not to mention how long it takes just to unlock the damn class - but is a fun job to use if you want to give Ramza some sword skills! The Dark Knight has more skills than what Gaffgarion had though (DK's Shadowblade / Duskblade are only 80% as powerful as Gaff's) but the DK's other skills make up for it in terms of raw power: Crushing Blow destroys single targets, whereas Abyssal Blade and Unholy Sacrifice are good for demolishing lots of targets close together at the cost of 20% and 30% of your HP, respectively.

For example I recently unlocked DK in Chapter 1 so I could start using it in Chapter 2. Took me just over 35 hours and using degenerator traps to keep my level at a reasonable level. If I hadn't, Ramza would've been level 50+ and the rest would've been 35-45.

There's more added than just the 'Gift of the Magi' (Tynar Rouge/Agrias B-day) scene as well. There's Agrias' reunion with Ovelia at Zeltennia and the 'Disorder in the Order' side-quests, the latter of which is a stealer's paradise. I don't remember if Lionel's New Liege Lord was in the original, but I don't think so.

I don't actually own FFT on PSP (I don't own a PSP) but I do own it on my iPod touch, but that board is dead compared to this one. They are basically the same game anyways, except for the touchscreen controls and "free" multiplayer items.

Either way, as Metastase said, this is portable Final Fantasy Tactics with improvements. Personally I'm a huge fan of the new translation and find it much much better than the abhorrent translation that the PS1 version had. The CG renderings are also nice and fill in some gaps - there's also a few new battles featuring Delita and Ovelia that add more to the story.

I'm not sure if the slowdown is more pronounced on the PSP, but it is only bothersome on long spells like Holy, in my opinion. Or worse, using Arithmetics to cast Holy on multiple people....
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User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#4
On the PSP (2k & 3k) it's almost precisely 1 second lag/delay when releasing spells (basically all of them).

Unlocked DK on chapter 1 WTF dude? Congratz/U poor thing!

Wait, there's more content other than Tynar Rouge? It's been so long and my save file is so old (came back to it because of a friend and multiplayer) that I don't even remember if I did those quests or not.

They show up in the Chronicles report? My last one is The Goft of the Magi (before that, Reis and Beowulf stuff).

Man it's gonna be awesome if I didn't do them yet! Even if I'm too overpowered by now anayways. How do I unlock those quests?

User Info: styrrr

4 years ago#5
Metastase posted...
Unlocked DK on chapter 1 WTF dude? Congratz/U poor thing!

Wait, there's more content other than Tynar Rouge? It's been so long and my save file is so old (came back to it because of a friend and multiplayer) that I don't even remember if I did those quests or not.

They show up in the Chronicles report? My last one is The Goft of the Magi (before that, Reis and Beowulf stuff).

Man it's gonna be awesome if I didn't do them yet! Even if I'm too overpowered by now anayways. How do I unlock those quests?

Yeah, it was a real pain to unlock DK in Chapter 1. I did it so I could roleplay having my Ramza being taught the job from Gaffgarion in the months they worked together; I always figured the old goat would see Ramza's potential and want to give him some OP abilities! Although it makes the game easy, Ramza deserves sword skills!

The other sidequests I talked about - Disorder in the Order and Lionel's New Liege Lord - become available after the battles at Mullonde; Lionel's New Liege Lord requires the Nelveska Temple battle be complete as well.

1) In order to do Disorder in the Order, Agrias still needs to be a party member of Ramza's. If Alicia and Lavian are still around, they'll also be in the Zeltennia scene. After you do the sequence of battles at Mullonde, head back to Zeltennia. (There's videos on youtube showing the scene, just search "FFT agrias and ovelia reunion" and you can find it.) You see Agrias - and Lavian and Alicia if they are still around - meet up with Ovelia, where they discuss what Agrias is doing and why she cannot stay with her. Agrias also gives Ovelia a dagger, which sets up a later "plot point" nicely.

After this, you can head to Eagrose or Gariland and read a new rumor at the tavern called "Disorder in the Order". This opens up a battle at Brigand's Den, where you first fought Milleuda in Chapter 1. In this battle Agrias fights as a guest, and there is also some extra dialogue if you bring TG Cid to the battle. This battle is an *excellent* opportunity to steal rare items; you should probably KO Agrias as she is immune to crystallization so you can steal things in peace.

Stealable items include: Ninja Gear, Glacial and Blaze Gun, Sasuke's Blade, Barrette, Venetian Shield and a Kaiser Shield. The Ninja Gear and Shields are especially lucrative, as the Venetian Shield can only be found in that one battle; the other two - Ninja Gear and the Kaiser Shield - are available in Midlight's Deep. The enemies will not crystallize either, so feel free to revive them if you haven't stolen everything you want!

Lastly, this quest does not require Gift of the Magi to be completed, either.

2) Lionel's New Liege Lord. This features Beowulf as a guest again, fighting to reclaim Reis. It requires you to read the "Lionel's New Liege Lord" rumor at taverns after the Bervenia City battle. This rumor can be read before or after you recruit Beowulf and Reis, it matters not. Nelveska Temple must be completed and Reis must be a human again, however.

Once this is done, proceed to Lionel. There will be a series of 2 battles: First, at the gate, and secondly at the Oratory. The same 'scenario' as when you fought the last two battles of Chapter 2. If Beowulf is KO'd in the first battle, you will lose - but that no longer applies to the second battle.

Funny enough, the first battle pits you against another Templar, by the name of Aliste, who also uses Genji Gear, Save the Queen, and a Ribbon... with Safeguard. :-(

As for the second battle.... I'm not going to spoil it for you except that Bremondt, the new Liege Lord of Lionel, is very "fond" of Reis. The only noteworthy treasure from this sidequest is a Zeus Mace and Sortilége perfume. Other items are mostly vendor junk. Beowulf and Reis also rejoin your party at the end of this quest.
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User Info: Mikalis

4 years ago#6
Just in case it isn't clear, the slowdown isn't limited to just the UMD so you will experience it on the Vita. It's tolerable but I do get annoyed when the sound finishes before the animation. I'm picky though.
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User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#7
In a way, the crazy thing you did is what ppl wanted to do back them . It would be cool we could have Ramza with the purple armor though, it's his best look IMO (would fit in nicely with DK class).

Oh, I think I did those quests them (I remember the dagger scene and the horrendous "plot point"). The rumors are not there and Lionel doesn't trigger anything. I suppose these don't show up in the Chronicles, right? Only Gift of the Magi shows up?

I haven't gone to Deep Dungeon on this save and I have 1 Zeus Mace. I don't think it's available through multiplayer right? So I must have gotten it in those quests.

As for Genji, let me see...I have 1 Genji Glove, 3 Genji Armor, 1 Genji Helm and 8 Masamunes. Now I don't know if they're all from multiplayer.

I have 2 Ninja Gear, 4 Sortilége, 4 Venetian Shields and 3 Kaiser Shields, so it's another clue that I probably did those quests even though I have no memory of them. It's weird though, why do I have 2 Sasuke's Blade? Wait, I don't have any Lordly Robes and the FAQ says there is one in this battle? How come?

User Info: Tacosnak

4 years ago#8
Live patch(Slowdown fix) is really good. So is the insanity one.

I am playing it again with the Slowdown fix, and man is it nice.

Is it unplayable without? NO

I probably played through multiple times without it, and so did my wife.

Get it and enjoy.


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