Am I playing this game wrong?

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User Info: thattheresnotme

4 years ago#1
Hey everyone.

So I bought this game to play on my Vita and I'm about 10 hours in (just after Ramza and Delita split up), and while I'm absolutely loving it so far, I can't help but think that I might be playing the game wrong.

I wasn't having too many issues with the difficulty since I have a pretty good team, and whenever I got into trouble I just grinded a little but and learned new skills. Now, the grinding is pretty boring to me. As far as I know, the only way to get a good amount of JP in a battle is to constantly do the same thing over and over while leaving a single enemy alive. So yeah, it was boring but I could deal with it.

Now however, I've gotten to the point where I can now send some of my characters to accomplish errands, and now have to create a "B-Team" to roll with while my powerful dudes are out questing. Having to grind these new guys up so that they learn JP Boost again and then grind them more and more and more until they become powerful just sounds painfully boring to me and it's something that I'm really not looking forward to. It keeps me away from having fun with the storyline battles, which are awesome and challenging.

One other thing that I have an issue with is that the job progression branches don't seem to make a whole lot of sense. Like I started with an archer, and when the thief job was unlocked, I thought "Oh cool. That makes sense. Maybe the next thing will be Ninja or something," but the next job you get after leveling up thief is Dragoon. It kind of makes it hard for me to plan ahead for my characters. Like I initially wanted one of my frontline people to eventually become a dragoon (I knew the job was in the game), but now I have to go back and make them into an archer and then a thief, which means another hour or two of grinding.

It kind of seems like the game is forcing you to give your characters jobs that maybe you don't want to give them in order to (maybe) stumble into jobs that you might want. I've been stuck with Ramza as a knight since the start of the game, and would love to keep him as a tank-ish character (maybe as a Dark Knight or a Samurai later on), but I have to apparently make him a Geomancer to unlock the next available job in the chain (and thus more skills to use), which I don't really want to do.

And I do apologize if it comes across as though I'm whining. I do love this game, and am utterly enthralled with the storyline and the writing. How they can go from the writing in this to Final Fantasy XIII is pretty depressing. :(

Anyway, if anyone can maybe give me some tips on how to manage grinding as well as some advice on Jobs that'd be great, because I'm 10-hours in the game and the game still hasn't clicked for me as far as those two systems go.


User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#2
I have to agree with your second point, the Job tree really doesn't make much sense logically.

But I think its just shoehorned into this game as a "balance" factor due to how differently the other FF games handled it. In III and V, you were only given certain Jobs at certain times, you were never given the option to unlock them early if you wanted to unlike this game. So IMHO it seems like a fair trade off. So yeah if you want to unlock any of the advance Jobs you're going to need to switch around and besides if you want the best abilities you'll end up doing it anyway. For example: the Geomancers have the really awesome support ability Attack Boost.

As for your first point, why not switch it around? Let your B Team do the errands, the rewards really isn't that great, its just a few JP points and its really kinda a useless sidequest feature of the game.
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User Info: styrrr

4 years ago#3
Bookmark this job chart, save the image, or whatever you need to do so it is close and easily accessible: . It's handy for when you are new to the game.

A lot of the jobs you may not want generally have good abilities to use. For example, you may not want Ramza to be a thief, but Move+2 is generally invaluable and is a great holdover until Dark Knight is unlocked for move+3 (for males) which takes a *LONG* time. Like Terran said, Geomancers have Attack Boost - which is GREAT for physical fighters like Agrias. A monk with attack boost is superb and almost as good as a dual wield monk; and in some ways is better due to the boost to Chakra and the other monk skills that attack boost.. boosts. Lots of jobs have useful support/reaction skills - you might have to mix'n'match - it's not unsual to have a movement skill from one job, support skill from another, etc...

Use your B-team for running errands unless you are in a place where you can run back and forth between two 'blue' dots - at your place in the game, only Eagrose Castle and Zeakden is 'eligible' for that - and Eagrose doesn't have many Errands at that point in the game. But that's a good trick to use regardless of where you are, assuming you are close enough: for instance, running lengthy errands from Gariland or Dorter you can simply "save hop" over to Eagrose to dodge random battles and run back and forth between Eagrose/Zeakden and then "save hop" back to where your errand was initiated.

What is a "save hop", you ask? Simple: before you enter a green dot (chance of a random battle occurring), save your game. If you are forced into a battle, on the 'select your party' screen, select Menu->Return to title screen. Back at the main menu, hit 'Continue', and when the dialog asks if you want to reload from your "last save", hit 'Cancel' and it will bring up your list of saved games; from here you can reload that save you just made before attempting to cross the green dot. With this trick you can bypass every random battle if your 'A-team' is out running errands and you don't want to fight. It's a bit cheesy, yes, but it gets the job done and once you've done it enough you can do it very quickly.

Also, now that you are in Chapter 2, you should consider learning Ramza's "Steel" skill in his squire job if you haven't already (as well as Focus and especially Tailwind). Each cast of 'Steel' on an ally will raise their Bravery by 5 points for that battle... 1 of which is permanent and will remain after the battle! Having a high bravery is critical to raise the % chance of your reaction skills going off - which affects all reaction skills save for Parry and Reflexes - and you will eventually want to get Ramza above 90+ Bravery, up to the maximum of 97 if possible. High bravery also boosts punch attacks, as well. Low bravery is *only* good for treasure hunting.

You say you've had Ramza as a knight since the beginning of the game - you should really try Ramza as a monk! Monks are incredibly strong and versatile; they can heal+restore MP on themselves and nearby allies, revive allies, cure most debuffs, use Aurablast to attack enemies at a 'close' distance [range=3] or use Shockwave to hit enemies in a line [range=8]. Monks also get the incredibly useful Counter reaction ability and monks punch damage is exponential IIRC based on your bravery level. Ramza with 90+ bravery will be punching enemies for 100+ hp even at low PA levels! A Ramza monk w/Mettle (squire sub) with Focus/Tailwind/Steel is an unstoppable force of destruction.

Ramza also has good MA, so Samurai/Geomancer/Magic jobs are also good options to think about. Keep in mind that males generally have more PA and HP than their female counterparts; whereas females will have more MA and MP than males. Tailor your team's jobs with this in mind.
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User Info: Storm_WHM

4 years ago#4
No, you aren't playing the game wrong. Have fun with it and learn as you go.

Ramza as a knight sounds fine, and it has a decent skill set. The Dragoon has the same growth as a knight, and the Jump command has really good range. You could also try unlocking the Ninja class for him and learn Dual Wield, as it makes Art of War abilities trigger twice when you have two melee weapons equipped.


Dark Knight actually unlocks Jump +3 for males, the Bard is the one who unlocks Move +3 for males. But the females get Move +3 with the Dark Knight, and they get Jump +3 with the Dancer class.

(I would actually recomend leveling Agrias as a Knight, Dragoon, or Dark Knight for the PA gains. Her PA is a common complaint when people compare her to CID.)


One trick to grinding would be to have at least one characters with the knight abilities. Equip your team with throw away weapons from the shops, or just come to the fight unarmed. Make sure you have JP Boost equipped, and no reaction abilities equipped.

Bring everyone into a easy battle, maybe at Mandalia Plains. Kill off all enemies except for one. Then use Rend Speed and Rend Power on the last enemy. Then use Rend Power on your own team mates, and Use Break Weapon to make them bare handed. Now have everyone who is barehanded and has1 PA to just stand in a circle and hit each other with regular attacks.

Regular attacks are much quicker then abilities. To make it even faster, take off the EXP and JP captions in the options menu. If you don't want to gain much EXP, then hire a level 1 soldier, and bring him to the battle. Have everyone beat on him. You will get your JP as normal, but since he is a low level you won't get much EXP.


Things you can actually miss.

- Getting "Tynar Rouge" requires you to have Agrias, Lavian, Alicia, and Mustadio.
- When Aerith the flower girl from Final Fantasy 7 tries to sell you a flower, buy it.
- When Beowulf asks to find a dragon with you, take him with you.
- There is a miss-able Shield on Nelveska Temple map, make sure you get it.
- Ramza can learn Ultima from Ultima Demons or the Assasins.

- You can learn Zodiac summon on the last floor of the Midlight's Deep. But it must be cast on your summoners, and they must survive the spell to learn it. Also, The Byblos on this map is your allie and will join you after the fight if he survives.

-When you use Treasure hunt on a map, and you get the wrong item. The unique item that could have been in it's place will be lost forever. So make sure you get the right item the first time and only time. There are also, one time only items in Midlight's Deep.

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User Info: FinalFlames

4 years ago#5
Dark Knight is a glass cannon. Note however, you get 1 copy of Excalibur. Use it on your DK. Also, get Vehemence, Sanguine Strike, Abyssal Blade, and Unholy Sacrifice. These up the power of your DK/ make him/her versatile.
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User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#6

You never bothered with Midlight's Deep and Catching from high level Ninja did you?
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User Info: Storm_WHM

4 years ago#7
Orlandeau comes into your party with an Excalibur equipped. You can find an Excalibur in Midnight's Deep. You can also catch Excalibur's from level 96 ninjas.
Life is hard, deal with it. Life was never meant to be easy.

User Info: FinalFlames

4 years ago#8
I haven't been there yet, good to know.
If I fall in combat, I pray I have stricken an enemy to pull with me.

User Info: jascla92

4 years ago#9
Make some disposable generics, level them to 99, use them in the story battles with Gafgarion and use carry over JP to unlock the Ninja class with him. Teach him throw knightsword. Have him level to 99.

Have a Mind Flayer also at level 99. Outfit Ramza and your generics as Ninja with catch and that squire ability that unlocks beast special abilities. Have at least one with math skill and immobilise learned. Good compatibility with Gaf makes this even easier.


Have Gafgarion as a harmless class with throw as his secondary. When he turns traitor he'll start throwing knight swords around, make sure you have a Ninja between him and the princess, one Chaos blade to the face and she's toast. Have Ramza stand in front of the Mind Flayer so if Gaf throws a blade at the Flayer Ramza will catch it. Use math skill to fix him in place so he has no option other than throwing swords. Knock out everyone else including Agrias and Delita.

When you have enough Chaos Blades (I usually go for 25) use the Mind Flayer's special ability to lower Gafgarion's level until he starts to throw different swords. Ragnorak, Excalibur, Save the Queen and Defender. Again catch as many as you want (25 of each?) then finally kill off Gaf.

Dark Knight with dual wielded Chaos Blade and Excalibur is stronger than the entire game.
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User Info: paparazzi

4 years ago#10
^You could theoretically do that but it's insane and would completely kill the game for you. I hope no one has actually done that.

I can pretty much always find a way to grind without much preparation like these guys are telling you. For instance, magic users will always have weak physical attacks so just make them attack eachother your higher health characters. Monks make great grinding characters since they can keep using chakra. That you can get the physical people that keep taking hits from your weaker physical attackers next to your monk and the monk can take some good hits too. Or if you put mages around him, they can also cast, protect/fire/blind/etc on someone besides the monk to space out damage. Anyone with squire abilities can grind by themselves with accumulate (forgot the name in this version). Ninjas can grind by throwing shurikens. Thieves can steal everything from the enemy and then just keep stealing gil. Samurai are like Monks in the grinding department once you have Murasame only with better range. Plus they can also cast Protect and Shell with Kiyomori.

As far as the last enemy goes, knight skills are the best, but if you can cast sleep or frog on them then you have a whole new set of options for grinding. You could go to town giving him a bunch of different status ailments, lower or raise brave or faith, and of course the knight skills could take a while.

And of course there's always the Chemist skill. If you have a high physical attacker like Dragoon with Item, there's a chance that anyone they attack will die in one hit if you're not careful. Your best bet is probably to just have him keep using potions. Just be sure you stock up if you intend to do this.

I honestly really shouldn't have to grind outside of the normal story battles if you keep this in mind.
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